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Health Benefits Of Papaya Seeds For Digestion And Prevention

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We all know fruits and vegetables are healthy, but we bet you didn't know that some can play a crucial role in your overall health and well being. Papaya is one such fruit and even though you're used to trashing those seeds, we hope you'll start crunching away on their edible goodness.

One of the great things about papaya seeds is that you really only need to eat a small portion of them in order to receive their many health benefits.

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1. Detox Effects

Many types of fruits and vegetables have a detoxifying effect on your body. The antioxidants in papaya fruit and seeds and their high fiber content also help, but the papaya fruit itself has a lot of unique qualities that promote the detox process.

People who consume papaya seeds are less likely to get renal failure later in life. Papaya seeds also can be used to promote kidney health allowing the kidneys to naturally help your body to rid itself of toxins. 

The liver is also incredibly important when it comes to your body's natural ability to rid itself of toxins, and eating papaya seeds can promote liver health as well.

Even people who have severe cirrhosis of the liver will be more likely to recover if they consume papaya seeds. However, consumption of papaya seeds can also make a huge difference when it comes to preventing the liver diseases as well.

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2. Papaya Seeds and Anti-Inflammation

Inflammation causes a wide range of different health problems and consequences, including redness, joint problems, pain, arthritis, and swelling.

Many long-term chronic illnesses are also linked to inflammation. Papaya seeds can help to get rid of many problems caused by inflammation, while preventing a wide range of problems associated with chronic inflammation. 

Combining papaya seeds with an additionally powerful anti-inflammatory supplement like curcumin can act as a catalyst to heighten the potency of papaya seeds. Just be sure to do your research because not all curcumin is effectively absorbed into the system. 

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3. Improved Digestion

Papaya seeds are rich in the enzyme papain with is proven to boost digestive capabilities making it easier to digest proteins.

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4. Age-Defying Skin

As the body ages it becomes less capable of skin renewal and repair. Achieve a more youthful glow by adding papaya seeds to your diet, as many of the nutrients contained within promote rejuvenation. Papain, an active enzyme in papaya seeds is currently being studied for topical applications on burns, irritations, and wounds and has been used in traditional Hawaiian and Tahitian skin treatments for centuries.

5. Anti-Cancer Benefits

Many of the antioxidants found in papaya seeds can make all the difference when it comes to warding off various types of cancer. Eating papaya seeds is particularly beneficial when it comes to preventing the development of leukemia, breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer.

Papaya seeds contain the phytochemical isothiocyanate and numerous other compounds that have been shown in studies to actively slow the growth of tumor cells.

6. Lower Blood Pressure

When consumed on a regular basis, papaya seeds have been shown to lower blood pressure due and in some cases prevent high blood pressure altogether thanks to the existence of carpaine, an alkaloid component of the papaya fruit which has been studied for its positive cardiovascular effects.

7. Fighting Infectious Diseases

In Costa Rica and Nigeria, papaya seeds have been popular remedies for various infectious diseases thanks to the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of these seeds. And although many plants contain natural defenses against parasites and bacteria the papaya fruit leads the pack in fighting a whole host of unwanted infectious diseases, from salmonella poisoning to typhoid fever, and staph infections.

The Bottom Line

Papaya seeds should never end up in the trash. They're surprisingly delicious, and they have immense health benefits. Excessive consumption may lead to many side effects, notably pregnancy related issues. Additionally, while papaya seeds do have strong anti-parasitic properties, they may be too powerful for young children’s gastrointestinal tracts, so a doctor should be consulted before giving them to infants.

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