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Why Your Gut Needs Prebiotics + Why PreforPro® Stands Out From the Rest

Your gut health is your first line of defense in preventing illness. Prebiotics maintain nutritional balance in your gut, and PreforPro® is the only one that attacks the harmful bacteria. Read this to learn what makes PreforPro® a superior product.

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Last Updated March 30, 2022

Why Your Gut Needs Prebiotics + Why PreforPro® Stands | 1MD out From the Rest

Probiotics are all the rage right now and for a good reason. The trillions of bacteria living within you can become depleted as a result of poor diet and the use of antibiotics.

Without the helpful bacteria, your digestive and overall health could be at risk. The best way to support gut health and the strength of these friendly bacteria is with nourishment. The best nourishment for probiotics is prebiotics.

Prebiotics: Food for Probiotics

Prebiotics are non-living fibers of ingredients found naturally in food, and they are typically indigestible. Because of this, they end up in the gut and can feed the bacterial community living there.

By stimulating the growth and health of the gut bacteria, you promote healthy digestion as well as better health. Because your gut health is closely linked to your immune system and cognitive function, happy bacteria is the goal to reach.

When the balance in your gut is off, and harmful strains are allowed to thrive, your risk for infection and illness increases significantly. These harmful bacteria can also absorb the nutrients from your food, thus depriving you of what you need.

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The common symptoms of an unbalanced or unhappy gut include bloating, stomach cramps, irregular bowel movements, and food sensitivities. Your good bacteria need help when this happens, and this is where prebiotics come in.

The problems that arise from a gut dominated by harmful bacteria can range from stomach troubles to more serious autoimmune conditions. The bacterial colony that lives in your gut is your first line of defense in terms of preventing this.

Harmful bacteria and yeasts can thrive as a result of poor diet. These microorganisms crave sugars, and when your diet consists largely of processed foods and refined sugars, they get what they seek and can quickly become overgrown.

Prebiotics serves your good gut bacteria in the same way. Providing them with nourishment and encouraging their growth. The goal is to keep a balance so that your gut does not become overrun with bad bacteria and inflammation.

Inflammation when chronic, can cause damage to your gut as well as other organs in your body. Inflamed intestines can develop holes, which allow particles to pass through, travel through your blood, and thus trigger immune system attacks.

Why PreforPro® Stands Out

PreforPro® is the best in prebiotics and the ultimate support for probiotic growth and gut health. Studies have found that PreforPro® has effectively promoted the growth of a broad spectrum of probiotics. Many of these are essential for gut health and the prevention of damage to your intestinal lining.

Not only does this supplement promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, but it also boosts immune system function and reduces cholesterol levels.

Many people do not realize the role cholesterol plays in gut health. Typically we think of cholesterol as dangerous for our arteries and heart. While this is true, high cholesterol levels can also increase blood pressure and encourage fat storage. As more fat is stored, more inflammatory chemicals are stimulated and released.

The continual presence of inflammation damages the heart as well as the gut because there is no limit as to where it can go.

PreforPro® works both in the small and large intestines, which is something most prebiotic gut health supplements do not do. In doing so, you benefit from improved digestive functions, healthier gut lining, and optimal nutrient absorption.

When your gut is not inundated with inflammation caused by an overgrowth of harmful bacteria, it contributes to your overall health by supporting your immunity, digestion, and mental well being.

So what it is about PreforPro® that makes it so exceptional? This product is a clinically tested combination of bacteriophages and prebiotics. These microorganisms have one solitary purpose, and that is to infect and destroy bacteria.

PreforPro® is unique when compared to other prebiotics. The most significant difference is that it contains live microorganisms that are designed to destroy bacteria.


By destabilizing the bacterial cell wall of harmful strains in the gut, the contents of the cell are spilled out and consumed by the good bacteria. Essentially they are providing food, just not in the same manner as traditional prebiotics.

The differences are what makes it a superior product, and one you need to try today. Most prebiotics are starches or fibers, and while these do provide food for your gut bacteria, they have been known to have drawbacks.

They only work in the colon: As studies have shown, PreforPro® works in both the large and small intestines. Prebiotics that only work within your colon are limited in the support they can give you. Being active in all sections of the gut gives PreforPro® a distinct advantage.

They require large doses to be effective: PreforPro® has been clinically tested to be more effective than larger doses of other prebiotics, and at much smaller dosages. By having more benefits within a smaller dose, PreforPro® supplements are preferred.

They can cause flatulence: There is no such side effect with PreforPro® as the ingredients seem to be more in tune with your gut’s natural makeup and environment. Many prebiotics have dense fiber content, and this can cause gas and bloat. Since PreforPro® works at destroying bad bacteria, there is less fiber and less gas.

They are only sensitive to a certain environment: PreforPro® works in several different environments and works effectively. By working all the way through your gut, you benefit from enhanced nutrient absorption and better digestion.


The Bottom Line

PreforPro® gives us a new way to look at the prebiotic-probiotic dynamic. It has long been known that probiotics thrive when given prebiotic fibers for food.

Now their food comes along with an attack force of bacteriophages, designed to clear out harmful bacteria. The result is a healthy intestinal system, optimal digestion, and a flourishing gut microbiome.

PreforPro® gives only the best in gut support, so your gut can in turn support you.