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Saccharomyces Boulardii: Taking Probiotic Yeast for Digestive Health

While probiotics are usually meant to help combat yeast overgrowth and other digestive health issues, S. boulardii is a yeast with probiotic benefits. Find out why this yeast is a great way to improve your digestive health, and the best way to take it.

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Last Updated September 20, 2021

Saccharomyces Boulardii: Taking Probiotic Yeast for Digestive Health

Although it is treated like a probiotic, saccharomyces boulardii, or S. boulardii for short, is actually a beneficial type of yeast. Multiple studies have shown that this yeast can boost and benefit human health, unlike many of the yeasts that we are more familiar with.

Not only can it boost your health, but because it's a yeast it cannot be killed by antibiotics, so it can stick around your gut to help you out no matter what medications you are taking. All you need to know now is why and when to take this helpful yeast.

What You Need to Know About S. boulardii

One reason people take probiotics is that the natural flora found in the human gut are killed off during a course of antibiotics. Probiotics can also be depleted as a result of taking antibiotic medications, but not when the probiotic is actually a type of yeast. S. boulardii benefits your body and health in the same way as other probiotic supplements, only it cannot be killed off with antibiotics.

S. boulardii is a form of beneficial yeast that functions like a helpful probiotic. Studies have found that it improves and relieves conditions of diarrhea as well as other inflammatory bowel conditions.

Along with helping the gut and preventing common digestive troubles, this yeast supports your immune system function. In a different way than your gut bacteria help immunity, this yeast increases antibody levels, which in turn boost immune system strength.

The unique actions with which S. boulardii acts on your body is what allows it to provide such amazing benefits to your health.

♦ It helps keep bad bacteria and yeast from causing an infection.

♦ It enhances digestion and improves intestinal wall health.

♦ It acts directly on your immune cells to reduce the production of inflammatory cytokines, thus reducing inflammation and intestinal wall damage.

Why S. boulardii Matters

Surviving antibiotics is only one of the benefits of taking a digestive health supplement containing S. boulardii. In addition to this, it can survive traveling through the digestive tract where other probiotics can be broken down.

By making its way intact to the colon, S. boulardii has the potential to provide real health benefits to your entire digestive system. This yeast is resistant to stomach acids and the internal body temperature, unlike many supplements, giving it enhanced bioavailability.

Infection Defense

Infection by the bacteria H.pylori is more common than people realize and can lead to stomach ulcers as well as gastric cancer. Antibiotics are commonly prescribed to treat this infection but as a result, your friendly gut flora is also killed off.

This can lead to increased risk for inflammation, which can further support the growth of dangerous H.pylori. S. boulardii, however, can mitigate the damage done by this infection all while protecting your gut.

Combat Chronic Digestive Disease

S. boulardii can not only treat the damaging effects of H.pylori, but it can protect your gut and successfully treat chronic digestive diseases. Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel disease (IBD) are all too common in this country and cause frequent digestive upset and troubles.

S. boulardii not only improves intestinal permeability, thus preventing leaky gut, it also improves bowel movements and frequency, which are common to both Crohn’s and IBD.

S. boulardii can also be taken for those with ulcerative colitis. Studies have found that when used alongside prescribed ulcerative colitis medications, the yeast helps to reduce the number of inflammatory flare-ups.

By preventing this unnecessary irritation to your intestinal wall, your gut has a chance to heal and you can live more comfortably with ulcerative colitis. It also reduces the risk that this condition can advance to a more serious disease such as colon cancer.

With S. boulardii on Your Side

As part of a regular supplemental program, S. boulardii can improve the health and strength of your natural gut microbiome. Since your gut health is directly linked to immune system activity as well as cognitive health, your overall well-being benefits.

An unbalanced or unhealthy gut can trigger inflammation, which increases your risk of depression. Excessive inflammation can also impact your immune system response and cause autoimmune reactions.

S. Boulardii Supplementation

Better digestion, improved intestinal health, reduced risk for leaky gut and autoimmune disorders, and improved cognitive health are some of the benefits you can experience from taking a digestive health supplement containing S. boulardii. This beneficial yeast is one that you should actively seek out rather than avoid, like its many harmful cousins.

In order to get the maximum benefit of S. boulardii supplementation, you should take it as part of a formula replete with digestive enzymes specifically designed to improve digestive health.

The Bottom Line

Probiotics and their beneficial impact on gut health have been known for a long time. Many do not think to include yeast in this group, but this is a mistake when it comes to S. boulardii.

As part of a healthy diet full of prebiotic fibers and regular exercise, S. boulardii supplements can help boost gut health, prevent common digestive troubles, and keep you healthy and happy for longer.