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L-Glutamine: The Leaky Gut Superhero + 7 More Tips for Natural Relief

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that can help with gut semi-permeability, i.e., leaky gut syndrome. Find out how and 7 other tips for natural leaky gut relief right here. Your digestive health affects the health of every part of your body.

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Last Updated April 7, 2022

L-Glutamine: The Leaky Gut Superhero + 7 More Tips for Natural Relief

Leaky gut syndrome is a common condition marked by tiny tears in your intestinal lining. This condition is often caused by poor diet and an unhealthy gut, and it triggers widespread inflammation throughout your body.

The damage caused as a result of leaky gut can be extensive, but it seems there may be a secret weapon that can prevent this condition from developing. L-Glutamine just might be the amino acid that is up for the task.

The Gut-Boosting Amino Acid

L-Glutamine is an amino acid—a building block for protein as well as an important player in your immune system function. It is the most plentiful amino acid in the body and helps support overall digestive health.

L-Glutamine has the ability to heal the lining of your gut, which repairs damage caused by leaky gut syndrome and prevents further damage.


There are twenty amino acids, but your gut likes L-Glutamine best because it provides gut cells with the most energy. As the preferred source of fuel for you gut, L-glutamine is essential in preventing and repairing leaky gut damage.

By providing the cells of your intestinal walls with energy, they produce more protective mucus. This also allows the intestinal cells to regenerate. 

It also tightens the natural openings (tight junctions) found along your gut, which reduces the chances of larger particles leaking through. This is why leaky gut can also be called semi-permeable intestines.

One of the key characteristics of leaky gut is widespread inflammation, triggered by particles and toxins roaming through your blood. By reducing the particles that can get through barriers into your bloodstream, inflammation in your body is reduced.

L-Glutamine can be added to your diet by way of supplement or there are several foods you can start eating to increase it naturally. The richest sources for this super amino acid are:

♦ Nuts, specifically walnuts, almonds, and pistachios

♦ Yogurt, which also boosts the beneficial flora in your gut that prevent leaky gut

♦ Milk, specifically grass-fed sources

♦ Ricotta cheese, which gets its L-glutamine from the precipitated milk protein

♦ Beans, such as kidney beans, white-eyed beans, and chickpeas

♦ Animal sources, like eggs, red meat, chicken, lamb, and seafood

Whether adding L-Glutamine as a supplement or through food, it is important to introduce the amino acid slowly and to increase doses gradually. You need to allow time for your body to get used to the changes and the benefits will happen gradually.

There will often be a sense of urgency when it comes to stopping leaky gut, but do not rush the healing process. There can be dangers to introducing large amounts of L-Glutamine all at once, so take your time and be patient. Your gut will heal and improve in due time.

7 Additional Ways to Stop a Leaky Gut

Making sure you get enough L-Glutamine is one way to keep your gut healthy and to prevent leaky gut syndrome.

In addition to this, there are several other natural options you have to promote optimal gut health. Should you already have leaky gut syndrome, these same methods can be used to stop the problems because they stop the leaks.

1. Gentle Cleanse

Following a gentle cleanse is a great way to flush out toxins and to allow your gut time to heal from any damage (or leaks). A gut-calming elimination diet, is best as this removes inflammatory triggers, promotes healing, and promotes restoration of a healthy gut microbiome balance.

2. Whole Foods

You want to get rid of all processed foods in your fridge and cupboards because these are friends of the leaky gut. The excess sugar, additives, and lack of nutrients only support intestinal weakness and damage.

Healthy, whole foods work to restore health to your gut by introducing fiber in a healthy and healing manner.


3. Go Green

You were always told to eat your vegetables and there is a good reason for this. The greener you eat, the healthier your gut will be.

Adding greens to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner will make sure you get the nutrients and healing chlorophyll that your gut needs to heal from and ward off leaky gut.

4. Probiotic Support

Adding probiotic foods or a supplement is the most efficient way to restore bacterial balance and a healthy gut. Without these beneficial bacteria, harmful strains can colonize and increase your risk for leaky gut along with other diseases.

Probiotics protect your gut lining and boost your immunity, giving you overall better health.

5. Watch Your Medications

Antibiotics kill harmful bacteria as well as the good ones you need for gut health. Only take antibiotics as needed and be sure to combine them with probiotics to keep your gut balanced.

You want to watch the number of medications you use in general, including OTC drugs and common NSAIDs. Excessive use of these can cause inflammation and other side effects that can irritate your gut.

6. Learn to Relax

Stress increases inflammatory chemicals that can trigger gut irritation and leaky gut. While stress is a part of life, you can learn to regulate its effects on you with regular yoga, meditation, and deep-breathing exercises.

7. No Irritations

If you have any food allergies or known intolerances, such as lactose or gluten, be sure to avoid them at all costs. These irritations will not only upset the bacterial balance in your gut, but they will cause inflammation that tears your gut walls.

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Avoiding these along with other known inflammatory foods is the best way to maintain gut health. Known inflammatory foods include caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy, spicy foods, and processed foods.

The Bottom Line

Leaky gut syndrome can cause major discomfort and health issues, but it is also possible to prevent and heal. By making the necessary diet changes and promoting gut health and bacterial balance, you can maintain a healthy gut.

The addition of L-Glutamine will certainly give you the edge you need to keep leaky gut from coming back, as this surprise amino acid has more up its sleeve than most bargain for.