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Dr. Heather Shenkman


Dr. Heather Shenkman is a board certified interventional cardiologist. She completed a six year program at Albany Medical College, graduating at the age of 23. She completed her residency at Henry Ford Hospital, cardiology fellowship at the University of Rochester, and interventional cardiology fellowship at the esteemed Tufts Medical Center in Boston.

Hi, I am Dr. Heather Shenkman and I’m a board certified interventional cardiologist. I’m originally from Michigan and attended Albany Medical College in New York, where I completed a combined degree, six year program and graduated at the age of 23. I did my residency training at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit in internal medicine before completing my cardiology fellowship at the University of Rochester in New York and my interventional cardiology fellowship at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. 

I have wanted to be a doctor since I was  child and was drawn to cardiology in particular because heart disease is a number one cause of death around the world and so much of it is avoidable and treatable. While I am trained to perform complex heart surgeries, I prefer to help patients promote heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease. My passion is to help people to improve their quality of life through a  preventative care approach. 

As an interventional cardiologist, I have a strong appreciation for and understanding of the benefit that a healthy lifestyle provides for cardiovascular conditions. You can promote cardiovascular health and avoid many heart conditions from returning by incorporating a healthy diet, regular exercise, stress management and natural healing into your daily lives. 

In cardiology, there is clearly a role for medications but I saw a greater need for a more holistic approach to accompany standard medical care. Western medicine focuses on the symptoms and there is a bigger picture with cardiology. My strong desire to help others prevent heart disease and a more holistic approach to health care is what drives my journey through medicine and brought me to partner with 1MD Nutrition™.  

Having followed a plant-based diet since 2005, I believe in plant-based health, as numerous studies have demonstrated its benefits in the support of heart function and even reversal of coronary artery disease. 1MD Nutrition™ goes beyond other supplements, creating superior formulas based on nutrient-driven healing. Using superfoods from around the world and the latest technologies, 1MD Nutrition™ develops powerful solutions to promote optimal heart health. 

CholestMD® delivers 5 clinically studied ingredients, all scientifically studied to maintain healthy lipid levels, improved circulation, and a healthy cardiovascular system.  The unique combination of niacin and Bergavit® help you maintain healthy HDL and LDL cholesterol levels, while pine bark extract promotes healthy blood pressure. With this comprehensive heart health support, you will feel the difference. 

1MD Nutrition™ also provides beneficial and healing supplements to regulate healthy blood glucose levels. The efficient utilization of glucose is essential for optimal heart health and this 100% vegan formula delivers the targeted metabolic, immune, and cardiovascular health support your body needs.

The potent blend of clinically studied ingredients, including  CinSulin®, a patented cassia cinnamon extract, berberine bark extract, chromium, and more, helps you maintain healthy blood sugar levels and cardiovascular health. 

Seeing people take control of their lives, working to promote their own health and happiness is the most rewarding part of my work. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, a holistic approach to heart health can improve the lives of millions. With the 1MD Nutrition™ heart suite collection of superior natural treatments, your heart will have everything it needs.  


Dr. Heather Shenkman

Interventional Cardiologist & 1MD Nutrition™ Scientific Advisory Board Member

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