1MD Nutrition’s ProstateMD® is a scientifically-formulated prostate health supplement featuring USPlus® saw palmetto. Keep reading to discover why this patented, unadulterated extract was chosen and why I recommend ProstateMD®

What Is Saw Palmetto?

Saw palmetto extract is derived from the berries of Serenoa repens, which are shrublike palm trees native to the Southeastern area of the U.S. The berries and their extracts have historically been used to support male and female reproductive health. Today, saw palmetto supplements are taken to promote prostate health and to help reduce occasional urinary symptoms associated with normal aging.

Health Benefits of Saw Palmetto

The prostate continues to grow with age, and because of its anatomical position, this can lead to occasional urinary symptoms. These symptoms are common in more than 50 percent of men over the age of 50. Additionally, as men age, the enzymes that promote healthy hormone levels become less tightly managed. These changes can interfere with daily activities and quality of life.

Saw palmetto has been used in traditional medicine to support male and female reproductive health. Today, saw palmetto is used to support prostate and urinary tract health to help reduce occasional symptoms associated with normal aging. By inhibiting the activity of certain enzymes, saw palmetto can promote healthy hormone levels. 

By aiding in the maintenance of hormone levels, saw palmetto helps to support healthy prostate cell growth and prostate tissue health, which helps maintain overall prostate health and can reduce common age-related symptoms. 

In addition to supporting prostate health, saw palmetto can help promote men’s overall health by:

♦ Supporting urinary tract function by helping to reduce typical oxidative stress
♦ Promoting a normal urination schedule and helping with frequent bathroom breaks
♦ Helping to maintain healthy hormone levels to support vitality
♦ Promoting bladder health and healthy bladder emptying
♦ Supporting healthy hair growth by aiding in healthy hormone maintenance

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USPlus® vs. Generic Saw Palmetto Extracts

Saw palmetto has been shown to promote prostate health and relieve occasional urinary tract symptoms. As a result, saw palmetto extracts are a popular dietary supplement for men. For optimal prostate health support, you want to make sure you choose a supplement that uses the highest quality saw palmetto extract. 

Where the saw palmetto comes from is important. The Serenoa repens only grows in the Southeastern US. Any supplement that claims its product comes from anywhere else is not likely selling you genuine saw palmetto extract. USPlus® uses ripe saw palmetto berries, collected and dried from the native trees in Florida.

USPlus® is also the only saw palmetto extract in the United States to receive verified certification from US Pharmacopeia (USP) and Consumer Labs, making it the highest quality saw palmetto oil on the market. Additionally, it contains three times the beta-carotene, ten times the amount of lutein, and 30 times the zeaxanthin of typical saw palmetto extracts.

USPlus® saw palmetto supports healthy prostate cell growth. At the dose of 320 mg, this extract is more effective than other generic saw palmetto extracts that were tested. Another clinical study found that at this dosage and higher bioavailability, common urinary tract symptoms were lessened. 

1MD Nutrition's ProstateMD

Why I Recommend ProstateMD®

The genitourinary system is complex and has always fascinated me. During my medical training, I came across many unanswered questions surrounding urinary tract health, specifically supporting prostate health as you age. As a board-certified urologist, I became dedicated to helping men maintain healthy prostate size and hormone levels.

I have always had a strong appreciation for the benefit that a healthy lifestyle and naturally sourced solutions provide for prostate health. In the field of urology, it became evident to me that an integrative solution was needed. The desire to develop naturally-sourced and effective solutions for prostate health brought me to partner with 1MD Nutrition®.

1MD Nutrition® not only uses the highest quality naturally-sourced ingredients but also values truth in manufacturing. We only work with supply partners that are reputable and environmentally conscious. USPlus® is wild-harvested by hand in Florida and processed using revolutionary CO2 extraction technologies that don't involve the use of unnecessary chemical solvents.

The result is an unadulterated saw palmetto extract that exceeds the minimum requirements for U.S. Pharmacopeia standards in total fatty acids, proper concentration, and fingerprint ratio of lauric acid to other key fatty acids, a key determinant of saw palmetto extract quality and authenticity.

The enhanced quality of USPlus® saw palmetto extract allows ProstateMD® to support optimal prostate and urinary tract health. ProstateMD® also includes ingredients that compliment the activity of USPlus® saw palmetto, allowing ProstateMD® to provide comprehensive prostate health and vitality.

Pumpkin seed oil is full of zinc, an important mineral to healthy prostate tissue and prostate function.

Pygeum African Cherry tree bark extract helps to reduce occasional oxidative stress to promote healthy prostate cell function and growth.

♦ Lycopene extract from tomatoes is a powerful plant sterol that supports healthy prostate cell growth and function.

Stinging nettle leaf promotes the production of nitric oxide in the body, which supports urinary muscle activity to help maintain a normal urination schedule. 

Copper and boron are two minerals that help reduce typical oxidative stress to promote healthy prostate growth and function. 

I recommend adding ProstateMD® to your daily routine to support healthy prostate growth, lower urinary tract health, normal nighttime urination, urgency, and stream, all of which may affect quality of life.

Dr. Daniel Brison

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Dr. Daniel Brison is a board certified urologist who completed medical school at the State University of New York, and residency at the prestigious Endourology fellowship program at UCLA.