1MD Nutrition’s CholestMD® is a broad-spectrum cholesterol health supplement featuring Bergavit® bergamot extract. Keep reading to discover why this clinically-studied bergamot orange fruit extract was chosen and why I recommend CholestMD®.

What Is Bergamot?

Bergamot is a citrus fruit that comes from the Citrus bergamia plant, an evergreen tree native to the Mediterranean. The fruit looks like a lime but is a similar size to oranges. The zest, juice, and oils contain compounds that are beneficial for health and have been used to support heart health in traditional Italian folk medicine. Today, it can be used to promote cardiovascular and circulatory health.

Health Benefits of Bergamot

Healthy food choices are essential for getting the nutrients your body needs to function at optimal levels. Unfortunately, the typical American diet mostly contains high amounts of processed foods, red meat, high-fat dairy products, and high-sugar foods. Too much of all of these work against your healthy cholesterol goals. 

Bergamot is rich in beneficial plant compounds known as polyphenols, including the flavonoids neoeriocitrin, neohesperidin, and naringin. It is these flavonoids that help support healthy cholesterol levels by disrupting liver enzymes that are responsible for making LDL cholesterol. 

A recent study with bergamot extract showed that daily supplementation for thirty consecutive days helped lower LDL cholesterol and promoted healthy levels of HDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol transports cholesterol particles through the body. By helping to reduce the levels of LDL, bergamot helps reduce the levels of cholesterol in your blood, promoting arterial and circulatory health. 

In addition to aiding normal blood lipid levels, the flavonoids in bergamot promote vascular endothelium health and support healthy blood glucose levels. This, combined with healthy cholesterol maintenance as part of a healthful routine, can support healthy weight management and overall heart health. 

iced kaffir lime cocktail water with bergamot slice

In addition to supporting cardiovascular health, bergamot can help promote overall health by:

♦ Supporting healthy digestion, nutrient absorption, and regular bowel movements

♦ Promoting a healthy mood and helping the body manage everyday stress to promote a sense of calm

♦ Helping to reduce occasional joint discomfort associated with exercise

♦ Supporting immune cell activity to help your body fight occasional environmental threats

Bergavit® vs. Generic Bergamot Extracts

As interest in the health benefits of bergamot increases, it’s not hard to find supplements. But just because there are many supplements to choose from does not mean they are all equal. For optimal cholesterol support, you want to choose a bergamot extract supported by clinical studies. 

Bergavit®, by BIONAP, is a powder obtained by extracting the main flavonoids from the juice of bergamot fruit. Each serving contains 150 mg of pure flavonoids, making it a potent extract for cholesterol support. 

Optimal cardiovascular health depends not just on how much cholesterol is in your blood but on what kind. The liver produces 80% of the cholesterol in your body, and Bergavit® is clinically-studied to aid in the maintenance of healthy blood lipid levels by inhibiting liver enzymes from producing cholesterol. 

The flavonoids of Bergavit® are so potent that they help reduce LDL concentrations by up to 67%. In addition, Bergavit® helps support healthy HDL cholesterol levels, which promotes cholesterol absorption for transport out of the body. 

The patented, potent form of bergamot extract helps support blood lipid levels, arterial health, blood flow, and overall cardiovascular function. 

1MD Nutrition's CholestMD

Why I Recommend CholestMD®

I was drawn to cardiology because so many heart conditions in the world are avoidable. I have a strong appreciation for the benefit that a healthy lifestyle provides for cardiovascular conditions. When it comes to proactive heart care, comprehensive cholesterol support is essential. 

My strong desire to help others promote cholesterol health through a more integrative approach brought me to partner with 1MD Nutrition®. Their formulations are made only from the purest, clinically-researched ingredients to offer superior health supplements. 

CholestMD® includes clinically-studied Bergavit®, which contains 150 mg of pure bergamot flavonoids for optimal cholesterol support. In keeping with 1MD Nutrition’s commitment to responsible sourcing, Bergavit® is also developed with a vertically integrated supply chain that respects the Mediterranean environment.

The potency of Bergavit® allows CholestMD® to deliver broad-spectrum support for healthy HDL and LDL cholesterol levels. CholestMD® also includes clinically effective dosages of:

Niacin, a B vitamin that has been clinically studied to promote healthy triglyceride levels and vascular function

♦ Olive leaf extract, with its high oleuropein content, supports healthy HDL and LDL cholesterol levels.

♦ Garlic bulb extract, which helps maintain healthy blood lipid levels to aid arterial blood flow.

These ingredients complement the cholesterol-supporting activity of Bergavit®, bergamot fruit extract, allowing CholestMD® to provide comprehensive cholesterol support. I recommend CholestMD® to anyone looking to promote healthy lipid levels, aid metabolic function, and support overall heart health.

Dr. Heather Shenkman


Dr. Heather Shenkman is a board certified interventional cardiologist. She completed a six year program at Albany Medical College, graduating at the age of 23. She completed her residency at Henry Ford Hospital, cardiology fellowship at the University of Rochester, and interventional cardiology fellowship at the esteemed Tufts Medical Center in Boston.