Why Goat Milk May Have More Health Benefits Than Cow Milk

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More and more people today are discovering allergies to cow milk. Trouble with digestion of the allergens in cow milk causes serious discomfort and can damage your intestines.

As with all problems, people begin to look for solutions and alternatives and goat milk seems to be the answer. Not only is goat milk free of the allergens that cause digestive issues, but it has additional health benefits that make it superior to cow milk.

A New Kind of Milk

Goat milk is frequently seen in Paleo and low-carbohydrate diets as a nutrient-rich alternative to traditional dairy. It is less inflammatory and much easier on the digestive tract than cow milk, but still delivers essential nutrients you need.

You can use the goat milk to make your own smoothies, cheese, yogurt, and your favorite meals without getting a different taste. Goat milk products are becoming more widely available in stores.

Goat milk is full of essential nutrients and vitamins as well as medium-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids in particular are beneficial for heart health. While it is still classified as dairy food, goat milk is much easier to digest than cow milk because of the lower content of allergens.

There are concerns that goat milk may be fattier, which can contribute to weight gain, but this is not really going to be a problem when a balanced diet is maintained.

Benefits of Goat Milk

The fat content in cow and goat milk is similar, which is why one does not cause more weight gain than the other. The difference is that the fat molecules in goat milk are smaller, which makes them easier to digest.

The protein in goat milk forms a softer curd once it reaches your gut, which means less irritation as it goes through the digestion process.

Goat milk is also lower in lactose which is the milk sugar that commonly causes inflammation and allergies. For those who are lactose intolerant, goat milk is the best alternative.

Beyond smoother digestion, there are additional benefits that will have you buying goat milk over cow milk each time you shop.

Less Inflammation

Lactose, the protein in cow milk, is well-known for causing allergic reactions and inflammation along the digestive tract. These proteins are particularly difficult to digest, as are the fats found in cow milk.

With inflammation being at the root of most diseases, it is important to reduce this by any means possible. Cutting out the cow milk proteins will help you to achieve this. Goat milk contains proteins that are more similar to breast milk, so we naturally can digest them better.

Even if you are not lactose intolerant, switching to goat milk can help reduce your risk for inflammation and digestive upset.

Higher in Calcium

One of the top reasons reported for drinking milk is to get daily calcium requirements. The good news is that goat milk contains calcium too.

In fact, it is richer in this essential mineral than cow milk. This means your bones and teeth will benefit more from a cold glass of goat milk instead.

Lower Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol leads to clogged arteries and an increased risk for heart attack or stroke. The medium-chain fatty acids in goat milk are more efficiently used by the body and therefore are not stored.

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The energy boost you get from these goat milk fatty acids gives you increased energy and lower cholesterol. Goat milk also increases levels of the “good” cholesterol, which provides healing properties similar to that of olive oil.

Better Digestion

Fermented goat milk is available, which has beneficial probiotics to help improve digestive health. The proteins in goat milk also help support the health of the probiotics and the bacteria already living in your gut. This can improve digestive health as well as immune health, and can prevent common digestive troubles or irritable bowel disease.

The fermented goat milk can also promote weight and fat loss, reduce blood pressure, and lower your risk for diabetes.

Healthier Skin

No need to spend hundreds of dollars on beauty products to get healthy, glowing skin. Start drinking goat milk each day instead. The fatty acids and triglycerides in goat milk are good for your skin as is the high vitamin A content.

The lactic acid in goat milk also helps to eliminate dead skin cells which promote smoother, thicker skin. And the potential improvement to the bacterial levels in your gut can even help through the gut-skin axis.

Better Nutrient Absorption

You can eat all the right foods, but if your body is unable to absorb nutrients effectively, it won’t matter. The mineral content in goat and cow milk is similar, but when it comes to absorption of these nutrients, goat milk is the right choice.

Iron, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium are all more easily digested and absorbed in goat milk thanks to enhanced bioavailability. For individuals with malabsorption issues, such as anemia or osteoporosis, regularly drinking goat milk is recommended. Goat milk consumption can also work to improve iron and magnesium deficiencies.

The Bottom Line

Goat milk can be found in most stores these days, especially health stores or farmers markets. It will be in the dairy section alongside cow milk. You can even get powdered goat milk if you want.

If you are nervous about the new taste, you should start with chilled goat milk first, as this has a less pronounced flavor. In no time at all you will be adding it to your favorite smoothies and recipes to replace cow milk completely.

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