Daily Digestive Enzymes Help Improve Colon Health

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To efficiently break down food and get the nutrients that we need, our digestive systems need the support of enzymes.  Our body requires many types of enzymes but a particularly important group is the digestive enzymes. Lipase for digesting fat, amylase for carbohydrates and protease for proteins, are the keys to a healthy digestive system.  

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What are Digestive Enzymes?

Primarily used to speed up reactions and processes in our body, enzymes are essential for our health and well-being. They break down larger molecules so the nutrients can be easily absorbed. Some enzymes come from the pancreas and others are produced in the stomach.  

The duodenum which is the first segment of your intestines is where a lot of digestive action occurs. This is the place where fatty acids are extracted from fats, amino acids from proteins and simple sugars from carbohydrates. All macronutrients are broken down so they can be easily carried away into the bloodstream and delivered throughout the body. Additionally, they help to boost metabolism which makes sure that everything runs smoothly.  

As we age, our production of enzymes begins to slow which is when digestive health problems can occur. Lower levels of digestive enzymes have been associated with cramping, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. In addition, malnutrition can occur due to the lack of proper nutrient absorption. The enzymes used for these processes are necessary and for the most part this work is handled efficiently. In some circumstances however, enzyme production is low and this is when supplements are required to avoid any serious health complications.

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What’s the Problem?

Food enzymes exist in raw food but as soon as the food is cooked, they are destroyed by the high temperatures and are killed off. Eating raw foods alone however would not provide an adequate amount of digestive enzymes to support the efficient functioning of our digestive systems. Since there is no way to guarantee that our bodies will always be functioning at optimal levels and our diets are not consistent, the option of supplements is ideal.  

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Our digestive systems are under fire daily, impacted by unhealthy processed foods and the stressed of everyday life. When we depend only on the natural enzymes we produce, we are placing even greater strain on our system. The more stress our bodies go through, the more worn down systems become and our risks for disease and damage increase. When our organs are not able to rebuild and repair themselves, out overall health is negatively impacted. Something as small as an enzyme, can make a huge difference.

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The incomplete digestion of food creates a lot of waste which can clog up your colon, ferment and putrefy. Think of all the processed, fried and sugary foods we consume in this country. This builds up and regardless of having regular bowel movements your colon will still get clogged with the wasteful byproducts of those types of food. This waste settles and creates a coating along the intestinal wall which limits its functions. Peristalsis in restricted which contributes to constipation and pain and nutrients and fluids cannot be absorbed properly.  

Undigested food that festers in the colon can additionally be a breeding ground for pathogenic and dangerous bacteria. This waste putrefies and has also been shown to contribute to the development of cancer. Healthy eating and efficient digestion on the other hand, means that food is adequately broken down and passes through the colon. Waste is eliminated before it can become a health hazard. It also provides a health environment to support our friendly intestinal bacteria and protects them from becoming overrun by pathogens.

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As we age our bodies are not able to produce these enzymes as well, so our reliance on them becomes dangerous. Most of the people in this country who suffer from chronic constipation are elderly. The enzymes are necessary for elimination just as much as they are needed for digestion. As mentioned, the buildup of toxic waste in the colon can be very hazardous. Then you consider the fact that our immune systems also slow as we age, and this exposes us to great health risks.

Digestive Enzymes to the Rescue

To prevent all this build up and potential disease and health problems, the key is better digestion. While eating a health balanced diet is important, gut health goes beyond that. Supplementing your diet with digestive enzymes helps to reduce toxicity in the intestines which improves elimination of waste and reduces constipation. Everything we consume requires enzymes for the breakdown and delivery of nutrients and minerals.  

Our colons are able to re-build themselves with the help of digestive enzymes. The better or enzymes are working, the better our bodies run. The digestive system is important to our overall health because without proper absorption other organs and systems do not get the nutrients they need. Every system can then run more efficiently and repair more quickly when needed. It should be starting to become clear just how important enzymes are for both short and long term health.  

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The best tips to help keep your digestive tract clear of toxins and remove debris are listed below. With the addition of digestive enzymes you will notice a big improvement in digestion and relief from constipation.

♦ Reduce consumption of refined and processed foods

♦ Drink plenty of water as fluid helps colon flow

♦ Eat high fiber foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains

♦ Take supplements, preferably plant digestive enzymes which include blends of proteases, amylases and lipases.

The truth is really simple. Without digestive enzymes we cannot digest. The benefits to your gut with having natural or supplemental enzymes are astounding. You can clearly detect the difference in function between digestion aided by enzymes and digestive systems going it alone. Any problems with leaky gut can be resolved because enzymes help to remove stress from the intestines. Acid reflux and IBS are improved and nutrition absorption is enhanced. 

The Bottom Line

Ideally we want to be eating high-quality, natural, enzyme-rich foods because these are best for digestions, absorption and, moving food through our colons smoothly. Health digestion is critical for strengthening each organ including the colon and digestive enzymes help this process.

Top performing organs mean optimal overall body performance. This means you can fight off disease and promote longevity. Who would have thought so much power could come from something so small.

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