15 Fun Labor Day Activities: How to Bond Grandparents & Grandchildren

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Labor Day is right around the corner and that extra time off school and work makes it an ideal time to visit with family. Kids see their parents every day of every week, so they may be up for a little change for the holiday weekend. Spending time with the grandparents gives them the fun they seek, the break parents might need, and the time of grandkids most grandparents crave.

As a grandparent, you likely live in another state or city and with work schedules, school, activities, and health issues, visiting may not happen as often as you like. When it comes time for the kids to spend time with you, time needs to be used wisely. Thankfully, there are a number of fun activities kids and grandparents can do to bond and enjoy each other’s company.

1. It Starts With the Parents

In order for kids to develop a bond with their grandparents, there needs to be a relationship with the parents too.

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When you maintain constant communication with the parents, it is easier to arrange visits. It is also the best way to stay on top of the kids’ activities, interests, and school events.

2. Make the Time

Multiple grandkids mean more dates and interests to remember and more visits to schedule. Spending time with each grandchild is more meaningful and allows you to create individual memories with each of them. Make sure you are flexible and plan ahead if travel is involved.

3. Surprise the Grandkids

When you do not see your grandkids often (and if you will not be able to see them for the holiday), send them a surprise instead. Let them know you are thinking of them by sending some of their favorite homemade cookies or a new book to read.

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Social connection is important to your health as well as the health of your grandchildren, so reaching out ensures everyone is happy and healthy.

4. Keep It Creative

When they are visiting, invest in some art supplies and start some projects. You will end up with wonderful memories and some art to mark the occasion.

Arts do not get as much focus in schools anymore, so time with you can be time for them to explore their creativity. Allowing children to be creative supports healthy social and mental development and it is a good time for all.

5. Reading

Kids of all ages benefit from story time, whether you read to them or have them read to you. Plan trips to the library with your grandkids. You may even find that the books you read together spark new conversations and interests you can both explore.

6. Get Plugged In

You may not be a wiz with technology, but your grandkids certainly will be. To stay connected you need to be up to speed with the latest gizmos and gadgets.

When it comes to living on opposite sides of the country, social media and emails are the best way to stay involved in their life and keep in touch. You can even try video calls, like Skype or FaceTime, to get a more real interaction.

7. Gardening

Gardening is a great activity for a sunny day. It gets you both outdoors, teaches your grandkids valuable information, and gives you quality time together. Besides, it is fun to play in the mud, no matter what age you are.

8. Get Active

Chances are your kids are active so when they come to visit, you should plan on being active too. Parks are a great place for a picnic and some fun activities that gets you fresh air, sunshine, as well as time together and a better overall feeling.

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9. Invest in Their Hobbies

Whether they like reading, video games, or cooking, take part in their favorite activities with them. They will love to share with you, and it boosts their confidence to be able to teach you something new.

Showing an interest in what they like shows you care, and they will value and enjoy the time.

10. Teach Them Something New

Teach them a new craft. This can be anything from fishing, baking, sewing, or collecting something. Share with them activities you used to enjoy as a child, allowing them to appreciate history and learn something they can share with their friends.

11. Puzzles and Games

Playing games together or solving jigsaw puzzles allows you to play and bond at the same time. Mental stimulation keeps your brain active and stimulates their young mind, fostering healthy development.

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The best part about playing games is that you get to be a kid too.

12. Start a Scrapbook

Start a scrapbook during one of the visits and each time your grandkids come over, you can add to it. You can try new activities and goon new adventures and then document everything in a fun and creative way. This helps you to bond and will also give them something to cherish and remember you by later in their lives.

13. Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt for your grandkids when they come over. This is something new and also exciting. If the weather permits and you have the time to organize it, arrange for the hunt to go outdoors to a park or in the neighborhood.

14. Lunch Date

If time is limited, and a weekend visit is hard to arrange because of busy schedules, try a lunch date instead. Have them pick the place and you pick them up and take them out. As a grandparent, you love showing off your grandkids, so take them out, let them see the world and let the world see them too.

15. Share Your History

Children are fascinated with learning and sharing your past with them will not only be enriching but it will help them to feel closer to you. Show them old photographs and tell the stories. It will be a new world to them and it will foster a stronger bond between you.

The Bottom Line

Just because there is an age gap or physical distance doesn’t mean you can’t have a good relationship with your grandkids. Stay in touch and keep the connection alive. Whether it is Labor Day weekend or just a regular weekday, arranging time with them will benefit you both and will be nothing but fun.

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