CalZbone: Benefits, Recommended Dosage, and Possible Side Effects

CalZbone contains the powerful medicinal properties of Cissus quadrangularis, which can improve bone health and prevent common diseases such as osteoporosis, as well as reduce pain. Read this for more information on additional health benefits.

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Last Updated June 9, 2020

CalZbone: Benefits, Recommended Dosage, and Possible Side Effects

CalZbone is a patented Cissus quadrangularis formula developed to support bone health. Cissus quadrangularis is a relative of the grape and has been used for many years to support bone health, promoting bone mineralization and increasing bone density. 

CalZbone is not intended to cure or prevent any disease, but as we gradually lose bone mass with age, this supplement can promote overall better bone health.

What is CalZbone?

CalZbone is a formula containing the beneficial Cissus quadrangularis extract as well as other bone-healing components. CalZbone also provides natural plant-based forms of phytosterols, phytohormones, calcium, and vitamin D. 

The healing properties of Cissus quadrangularis have been used for centuries for many conditions, including asthma and allergies, but recently were discovered to benefit bone health. 

This plant, and the supplement developed from its extract CalZbone, is known to help treat pain and remedy several ailments. The healing properties are attributed to the high vitamin C content, as well as the abundance of antioxidant compounds like carotenoids, phenols, and tannins. 

CalZbone is a supplement designed to help improve bone health, but the high antioxidant content can enhance overall health as well.

CalZbone and Bone Health

Studies recently found that CalZbone can help reduce bone loss through the actions of Cissus quadrangularis. It can also reduce the time taken for fractures to heal and prevent common bone conditions like osteoporosis. Your skeleton remodels itself every 8 to 12 years through the actions of specialized bone cells. Osteoblasts form new bone, while osteoclasts dissolve older bone. 

As you get older, osteoclasts can break down bone faster than new bone is created, and this causes weak bones. CalZbone works to inhibit the osteoclast activity by stimulating osteoblast function and alkaline phosphatase activity.

This enzyme is important to bone metabolism and combined with increased osteoblast activity, new bone is formed as quickly as the older bone is broken down. This prevents the risk of weak and brittle bones. 

Through its various mechanisms, CalZbone can improve bone health and bring relief from several bone-related conditions.

Reduced joint pain: Joint pain and swelling are common with arthritis, a condition that is a risk with aging. After taking the supplement for eight weeks, individuals showed reduced pain and swelling associated with arthritis. The reduced pain came as a result of lower inflammatory markers, and Cissus quadrangularis was found to reduce these markers more effectively than leading arthritis medication. The increased proliferation of osteoblasts also increases collagen production, which prevents joint degeneration and reduces arthritis pain.

Fracture healing: CalZbone can promote and speed up fracture healing through its various mechanisms. Specifically, by suppressing corticosteroid signaling and preserving the production of new bone, individuals can see enhanced fracture healing. As Cissus quadrangularis is also known to increase osteoblast activity, new bone is generated quickly to speed up healing.

Prevent bone loss: Studies have found that after taking CalZbone for ninety days, there is a significant increase in bone thickness and reduced bone loss. By allowing for new bone to generate more quickly than older bone is reabsorbed, CalZbone maintains health bone thickness and density.

Additional Health Benefits of CalZbone

Outside of improving bone health, numerous studies have shown that this plant extract can benefit the entire body in several important ways. 

Prevention of metabolic syndrome: Metabolic syndrome is a group of conditions that can increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, or diabetes. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and excess belly fat are examples of conditions within metabolic syndrome. Cissus quadrangularis has been found to help reduce belly fat, improve fasting sugar levels, and lower cholesterol levels, which can all prevent the development of metabolic syndrome. 

Boost heart health: Cissus quadrangularis helps to lower cholesterol, which protects the heart and can also protect the heart lining. The plant extract possesses antioxidant properties that protect the endothelium from oxidative damage, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. 

Natural pain reliever: Cissus quadrangularis was found to produce analgesic effects in both animal and human studies. At lower doses, this extract can reduce pain effectively without the potential side effects pain relief medications can have. It was found to be especially effective in reducing pain associated with strenuous athletic activity

Weight loss: When combined with a low-fat diet, Cissus quadrangularis was shown to support healthy weight loss in overweight individuals. Even in cases where there were no dietary changes, the consumption of Cissus quadrangularis alone contributed to a small amount of weight loss. Specifically, there was an increased loss of fat around the abdominal area. 

Diabetes support: Cissus quadrangularis can help with diabetes management, as it works to control blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity. The benefits for diabetes seem to be apparent with higher doses of the plant extract, so be sure to consult with your doctor first, so as to avoid taking too much.

Dosage and Side Effects

CalZbone has been clinically tested and approved for use and is considered safe for consumption. 

The recommended daily dose is between 250mg and 750mg, and the specific dose for you will be determined by your physician. In some cases, a dose of 1000mg can be approved for serious cases of bone degeneration. 

Always start with a lower dose at first and work your way up to the recommended dose to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

When taken as directed, there is minimal risk for side effects. The most common side effects reported have included headaches, dry mouth, diarrhea, gas, and insomnia. You should also never take CalZbone or any Cissus quadrangularis supplement when pregnant or breastfeeding. 

There is also a risk that Cissus quadrangularis can interfere with diabetes medications, so consult your doctor before starting this supplement if you are a diabetic. 

The Bottom Line

The key ingredient in CalZbone, Cissus quadrangularis has been used for many years to treat ailments. The powerful medicinal properties of this plant extract can now help improve bone health and prevent common age-related diseases such as osteoporosis, as well as reduce arthritis pain. 

Considered safe for daily use, CalZbone is a natural treatment option to enhance bone health, so discuss the option with your doctor if you feel you are at risk for weakened bones.