Copper is an essential trace mineral that is important to the function of several systems. Copper is found in every tissue in your body and plays a role in producing red blood cells and helping to maintain healthy nerve cell function. It also helps with the formation of collagen in the body, iron absorption, and helps maintain normal energy.

What Is Copper AAC?

Copper AAC is this same mineral but chelated with an amino acid to help improve absorption and utilization in the body, allowing it to support your health more efficiently. Most copper is found in the liver, heart, brain, kidneys, and skeletal muscle. 

Copper can be obtained from foods such as organ meats, seeds, nuts, and grain products, and is stored in the bones and muscles. It is important to have the right amount of copper in the body, as both too much and too little can affect function. 

Copper AAC is an ingredient that can be added to your diet in supplemental form to help ensure you get the amount of copper you need. The amino acids chelated with copper ensures that this important mineral is absorbed and delivered to systems within the body where it's needed. 

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The Health Benefits of Copper AAC

Maintaining optimal levels of copper can promote overall health, especially because copper is important in red blood cell production, blood vessel health, and nerve function. Because of this, copper has been found to support the health of multiple systems in the body.

Cardiovascular Health

Copper ACC helps to reduce occasional oxidative stress to promote arterial health and support heart and circulatory function. 

Immune System

Copper AAC helps to support immune system responses to sustain immune function and fight off invaders.

Urinary Tract Health

 Copper ACC helps to defend against common environmental threats to promote urinary tract, kidney, and bladder health. In doing so, copper ACC can help reduce uncomfortable urinary tract symptoms associated with normal aging.  


Prostate Health

The prostate gland produces 75 percent of the fluid that makes up sperm and is an important gland that sits below the bladder. Copper AAC supplements can help maintain healthy copper levels to help reduce occasional oxidative stress to the prostate to promote healthy prostate function and growth.

Cognitive Function

Copper plays a role in healthy nerve function, and copper AAC can promote optimal nerve signaling to support cognitive functions including memory and learning, and support a healthy mood.

Taking Copper AAC

Copper is thought to be safe when taken orally in amounts no greater than 10 milligrams daily. It is important to take into consideration the copper you get daily from food, as this contributes to your total daily intake. If your doctor has advised that you need copper supplements and has advised taking copper AAC as a result of absorption issues, then stick to the daily recommended amount.

Taking any more than 10 milligrams daily can lead to symptoms such as:

♦ Nausea
♦ Stomach pain
♦ Low blood pressure
♦ Bloody diarrhea
♦ Fever,
♦ Heart problems

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The Bottom Line

Copper is an essential trace mineral that your body needs for optimal function. As important as this mineral is, it is not easily absorbed in your body. To promote your best health, a copper ACC supplement can help you maintain healthy copper levels for optimal heart, brain, immune, and urinary tract health. Copper AAC is designed to make sure copper gets absorbed and utilized as needed by the body, thereby promoting your best health and longevity.