Boron is a natural mineral found in many foods you eat and the environment. Boron AAC is boron that has been chelated with amino acids, which makes it readily available for absorption to be utilized in the body. It can support men’s health, brain function, muscle coordination and helps your body more efficiently metabolize essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Boron is widely found in plant foods such as apples, plums, avocados, grapes, and vegetables, legumes, and nuts. Despite the abundant source of dietary boron, supplementation may be required because the total amount of available boron in any one food is very low. 

Health Benefits of Boron AAC

Boron AAC is a powerful cleansing mineral that is commonly used to promote joint health, but there are numerous benefits this mineral supplement can provide for your overall health.

Brain Function: Boron AAC helps promote membrane function and mineral metabolism, making it possible to support cognitive performance.

Urinary Tract Health: Boron’s cleansing properties help protect against common environmental threats to promote healthy urinary tract function and a normal urination schedule. 

Prostate Health: Boron helps to reduce typical oxidative stress, which can help support healthy prostate function and reduce common urinary problems associated with normal aging. 

Bone Health: By supporting the absorption of calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium, boron helps to promote bone density and healthy bone tissue growth. 

Healthy Hormone Levels: Boron AAC can help men maintain healthy hormone levels which can support muscle mass, reproductive health, and more. 

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Dosage and Potential Side Effects 

Boron AAC is considered safe for adult consumption when taken at recommended dosages. It is important to consider the amount of boron you get from food before deciding to take a boron AAC supplement, because too much can be dangerous.

While side effects are rare, too much boron can cause occasional diarrhea, headache, and fatigue. You should also consult with your doctor before adding any supplement to your diet.

The Bottom Line

Boron can be found naturally in foods such as almonds, avocados, and bananas, but in many cases, additional boron is needed. Additional boron can be consumed with a boron AAC supplement. Talk to your doctor today about boron AAC to support brain health, urinary tract and prostate function, muscle coordination, and more.