African geranium, also known as black geranium or Cape pelargonium, is an herb that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. At first, it was used to protect against common seasonal threats, but it is now realized to support the immune system as a whole.

Traditionally, the African geranium root was distilled to make an extract that would help promote the body’s natural healing ability. As research discovered the beneficial properties of African geranium, its applications as a naturally-sourced ingredient for promoting immune health increased, particularly as it relates to respiratory function.

Support Immunity With African Geranium

African geranium is a breakthrough, traditional herb known to promote healthy lung function and support a healthy immune system response. Traditionally used to  protect against seasonal threats, this powerful herb is now used to promote overall immune health. 

One study found that African geranium was effective in promoting the body’s natural healing rate. With regular supplementation, you can sustain immune system function to fight off seasonal threats and help relieve common fatigue, headache, cough, and nasal drippage.

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African geranium also has the ability to promote healthy immune cell activity. Important white blood cells are the first line of defense and with the support of African geranium, these cells identify and take out unwanted cells, to promote a healthy immune response. 

For anyone concerned with occasional sniffles, scratchy throat, cough, or other respiratory issues, African geranium can help. Through support of lung tissues and proper immune cell activity, this botanical plant, can help promote healthy lung function and respiratory support.

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Additional Benefits of African Geranium

In addition to promoting immune system health, African geranium can support your overall health through additional benefits.

♦ African geranium helps promote healthy blood clotting. 

♦ African geranium can be used as a mouthwash to help reduce typical oxidative stress in the mouth to promote oral comfort. 

♦ African geranium can help support digestive tract health and promote normal bowel movements. 

♦ When used as a tea, African geranium can be used to help soothe discomfort from occasional indigestion.

The Right Dosage of African Geranium

Currently, there are no standard guidelines for taking African geranium supplements or extract. The dosage that is considered safe will be influenced by a number of factors, including age, sex, weight, medications, and overall health. Before starting an African geranium supplement, you should speak with your doctor. 

You can find African geranium extract in several forms like syrups, tinctures, and capsules. Capsules are the most common, and you want to look for one that contains no more than 100 mg of the extract.

Side Effects and Warnings

African geranium extract is considered safe for consumption, when taken according to recommendations. While rare, side effects that you may experience can include:

♦ fever
♦ upset stomach
♦ heartburn
♦ nausea
♦ restlessness

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African geranium contains a substance called coumarin, which should not be taken at the same time as anticoagulant medications. Speak with your doctor before starting any African geranium supplement.

The Bottom Line

African geranium is an herbal extract that became popular for immune system support centuries ago. Whether you call it black geranium or African geranium, the bottom line is that it is an effective ingredient for immune system support, particularly as it relates to lung and respiratory function.