Candida is a yeast and is the most opportunistic pathogen in our bodies. This yeast can grow out of control, causing bad breath, brain fog, fatigue, immune problems, indigestion, an increased craving for sugar, and urinary tract infections if left untreated. 

While the best Candida control supplements can support your overall health, not all supplements are equal. Many falsely advertise information to tempt you. Low-quality Candida control supplements can be full of ineffective ingredients and labels with confusing words. 

Weakness Is Not an Option

When candida overgrowth occurs in your gut, it crowds out the beneficial bacteria you need. The bacteria in your gut play pivotal roles in digestive health as well as overall immunity. 

Any disruption to the microbiome leaves you exposed to more serious disease. The Candida supplement you seek, therefore, needs to contain powerful probiotics.

Weaker probiotic strains are not going to cut it. The fast-spreading yeast will simply run over them. To give your gut bacteria enough support to take back control of your gut, you need quality probiotics. 

A high-quality supplement will list potent probiotics. Don’t be fooled by labels that boast high quantities of a bacteria strain. The idea is to trick you into thinking bigger is better. The truth is that only low-quality supplements will have a list of weaker probiotics with higher dosages. 

Detail of supplement facts label

The Proprietary Smokescreen

Beware of the phrase‘ proprietary blend’ that does not accompany a list of what is included in the blend. This phrase can be used as a cover for the inclusion of inferior ingredients. Rather than listing itemized ingredients, you get a bunch of generic ones hiding under an attractive veil.

In some cases, a ‘proprietary’ blend will list out ingredients. When this happens, you will usually see that dosages are missing. Yes, your quality ingredients are in there, but chances are the amount is so minuscule, they will have little to no effect on your Candida problem. 

A high-quality product will list the ingredients and realistic doses because there is nothing to hide. When you don’t know dosage information, there is no telling what is really in the blend. If you count on fillers and cheap ingredients, it means you can also count on a continued yeast overgrowth.

Effective Enzymes

Yeast can be easily broken down by digestive enzymes, specifically protease and cellulase. This means that you want a supplement that lists digestive enzymes on the label. 

Without these two enzymes, your body cannot easily dispose of the yeast, allowing it to take hold and spread. However, when they are present, yeast is broken down efficiently and disposed of before you can even say overgrowth.

Many Candida control supplements on the market include these digestive enzymes, but not always in effective quantities. Without a significant presence, these enzymes are not able to effectively do their job.

Detail of supplement facts label

The label may list an effective protease or cellulase, but you’ll be suckered in if you only pay attention to the name. Instead, look at the numbers because a quality supplement will list the doses of these enzymes. 

Avoiding Additives

Some ingredients sound impressive but are nothing more than unnecessary fillers and additives. Several supplements use these to cut costs of production. 

Silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, and gelatin are the most commonly used fillers and additives to look for. These additives help bind all the ingredients together and lubricate them so that the mixture runs smoothly through the production machines. 

Detail of supplement facts label

When you want to get rid of yeast overgrowth, the appearance of the capsule doesn’t matter. You need a job done, which means you don’t need a product with pretty additives. Choose a supplement that is free of colors and additives.

The Bottom Line

A Candida yeast infection can be a real hassle. Rather than make things worse with a poor-quality supplement, watch out for label tricks and take time to find a quality supplement. Only choose the label that shows you quality digestive enzymes and probiotics, no unnecessary fillers, and naturally-sourced and clinically-studied ingredients. Just what every healthy gut will want and every yeast will avoid.