9 Acts of Kindness for a Happy and Healthy Heart

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Kindness is so important that an entire day has been designated to acts of kindness and paying it forward. There are so many things you can do to show the world how kind you are.

In case you are struggling for ideas, we have a few to help you out. 

1. Be Kind to Yourself

The number one person to be kind to is, yourself. We often spend so much time focusing on others that we forget to put ourselves first once in a while. In fact, treating yourself has been found to have substantial health benefits.

When it comes to pampering, you can keep it simple and get big results. Take a nice hot bubble bath, with your favorite tunes playing and some dimmed lighting. Mindfulness meditation can really help relieve stress too.

Write a letter to your future self that encourages you to accomplish new things and goals. Congratulate yourself for accomplishments big and small. Losing weight, passing a test, or completing a tough assignment are things to celebrate and congratulate yourself for.

2. Write a Letter of Gratitude to Someone

Tell someone in your life, a friend or family member, why you appreciate them and why you are glad to have them in your life. The chaos of everyday life often forces us to forget to let those around us know that we care.

Showing someone how much you admire and care for them will brighten their day and yours.

3. Send a Positive Text

If a letter is not your style, you can deliver the same message by text. A short and sweet, simple text is a great way to let someone know you are thinking about them.

Praising them for an accomplishment or just letting them know they were in your thoughts will go a long way for both of you. Studies have even found that sending positive messages for 21 days is correlated with long-term happiness.

4. Send Flowers

All it takes is a simple phone call to order some flowers for delivery to a loved one. People love getting flowers and this is an act that many of us do not do so much anymore. When was the last time you sent your mom or grandmother flowers?

You can even order online if your time is restricted. A few minutes on your end will make a big difference on theirs, and you are guaranteed to make somebody smile when you send flowers their way.

5. Donate to a Charity

Even if you do not have a favorite charity you like to donate to, there are plenty to choose from. And they can all use your help.

Check online for local charities to support or more national ones if you prefer. There are even fun websites where you can play games and with every correct answer, rice is donated to a charity that strives to end hunger.

6. Record a Special Message

Switch up how you send out birthday and holiday greetings this year. On World Kindness Day, take time to record some special messages for your friends and family, to send out later on the appropriate dates.

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A personal recorded message adds a personal touch that is missing from most cards and the recipient can keep it, treasure it, and watch over and over. This is especially great for those loved ones that live far away and you rarely get to see.

7. Thank a Veteran

You can write a random note to a veteran and leave it on the car or at their home. If you know a veteran personally, make a point to reach out to them today and thank them for their service.

Shake their hand and thank them for all they have done. While they get a few dedicated holidays, they deserve thanks all year round. And after all, making a new friend is healthy for you, too.

8. Tip Big

One recent trend online has been to “tip the bill.” Basically, if you spend $10, you tip $10. Of course, that’s not always financially reasonable for many people.

In that case, wherever you eat for the day or week, add a little extra to the tip. Most delivery drivers and service staff live off their tips and your extra addition will go a long way.

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A small gesture on your part can make a world of difference to somebody that struggles to make ends meet. Acts of kindness such as this reward both you and the person you are helping, and kindness has been shown to enhance life satisfaction.

9. Pay It Forward

Throughout the day pay kindness forward, as studies have found that kindness begets kindness. When ordering food in line or a drive-thru, pay for yours and the order behind you.

Leave coins by the washer and dryer at a laundromat. Pay the parking fee for the driver behind you at a parking garage.

Random acts of kindness inspire kindness in others, and you can be the start of a positive chain reaction that spreads kindness all around.

The Bottom Line

Spreading joy to others will make you happy. The more random the act of kindness is, the better you feel. You can send ripples of kindness throughout the the people around you.

Doing something without expecting anything in return is the most rewarding feeling in the world, and you will soon make every day your own personal Kindness Day.

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