Thinking of Moving? Here Are the Top 5 Healthiest Places in the World

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Where you live might have a huge impact on your health. Living in the right place can reduce your stress, give you a healthier natural diet, and encourage you to lead an active lifestyle. These three things can be just as important as your genes when it comes to longevity.

No matter where you live, you can embrace those factors, but they are easier to do in these top five healthiest places in the world. So where are the healthiest places to live, and why?

Healthiest Places in the World

1. Volcan, Panama

Known as the Shangri-La Valley, this city in Panama has a low cost of living and amazing scenery. The temperature in Volcan is spring-like cool with a comfort level that’s hard to beat and almost impossible to find anywhere else.

Surrounded by lush, green mountains, the city rests nestled in the valley. For hikers and scenic gazers, this town is packed with pleasure. It feels like an escape from the rest of the world and yet, the main street is bustling with modern stores and restaurants.

For fishermen and fans of health-food, the fish are reason enough to visit or move. With two small lakes nearby and local streams that are filled with potential, it’s easy to spend a day fishing and feasting into the wee hours of the night.

Speaking of feasting, this region is known as the breadbasket of Panama, producing about 80% of the nation’s produce. They also have noted coffee production to keep you up while you’re eating. Isn’t coffee good for you anyway?

2. Nicoya, Costa Rica

Nicoya is one of the “Blue Zones”, which means that scientists have determined it is an area where the longest-living people in the world reside. The Nicoya Peninsula region has been studied extensively, and experts have pinpointed the following eight reasons for longevity here:

Diet: The diet features high-fortified corn and beans, which are healthy and fiber-rich.

Water: The hard water is calcium-rich, which is great for your bones

Family-centric: With a focus on family, the residents of Nicoya tend to live in family groups to support each other.

Eating lightly: A light dinner in the early evening is traditional, and it’s been proven to add years to your life.

Dry climate: In a sunny and dry climate, the food stays fresh, the sun delivers Vitamin D, and there are fewer respiratory diseases.

Social networks: The family is important, and so are friends.

Work: Physical work is the norm, but it’s approached with enthusiasm.

Purpose: People in this region report feeling needed, and they value contributing to society.

If you’re interested in visiting or moving to Nicoya, get ready to be active. This area is off the beaten path just enough to treat you to a relaxing stay with natural landscapes and ample seclusion.

With the ocean and mountains, it’s got everything for everyone. There’s always something to do in Nicoya, or you can relax and do nothing at all.

3. Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Enter a land with pollution-free air, mineral-rich water, and negative ions emanating from lush mountains and flowing rivers. The name means Sacred Valley, but it’s also been referred to as the Valley of Longevity.

You may not notice the health benefits immediately, but you’ll certainly notice the perfect weather. All year-round the temperature never falls below 65 degrees, and it caps out at 82 degrees, which means heating and air conditioning are never required.

There is a long rainy season, but that along with the two rivers that rush down from the mountains keep the valley looking lush and green. It also helps the locally grown harvests of oranges, blackberries, papayas, bananas, figs, avocados, macadamia nuts, almonds, and more.

There are plenty of sites to see, the Podocarpus National Forest to explore, waterfalls to inspect, markets full of amazing goods and wares, and even a delightful hummingbird garden to the south.

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4. Sardina, Italy

With a huge variety of ecosystems, Sardina has majestic mountains, lush woods, vast plains, unexplored territories, sleepy streams, rocky coasts, and long sandy beaches. It truly has something for everyone, or more accurately, everything for everyone.

This gorgeous region is another Blue Zone, and it’s noted for its older population. The men who live here are typically shepherds, walking five or more miles a day, and they live of a diet of whole grains, fava beans, tomatoes, greens, garlic, fruits, olive oil, and sheep cheese. But, perhaps the most enticing part of the diet is the local wine, Cannonau, a dark red that boasts the highest levels of antioxidants in the world.

The climate of Sardinia is typically quite pleasant, but there are variations based on the different regions and topographical landmarks. Typically, the coastal area has mild winters and hot summers, and the mountainous regions feature cold winters and cool summers.

Sardinia is an ancient land with many ruins and cultural significance that still exists today.

5. New Zealand

Home to 4.4 million people, New Zealand is the ideal winter escape for people fleeing the cold in the United States. With reversed seasons, their summer happens during our winter.

New Zealand is also great for people looking to relocate for work, with less stress, lots of available employment, and affordable, if not free, healthcare. It’s a great place to plan a fresh start.

The entire country seems fueled by people who are always ready for an adventure. With a stunning and diverse landscape, there are many different activities to try and adventures to find. It’s not surprising that the country’s nicknames are God’s Own Country and Paradise of the Pacific.

The Bottom Line

If living a better life is your idea of heaven, then these places are ones to consider. They are stress-free places that encourage you to relax and embrace what life has to offer.

Their environments also prompt you to get out and get active, and enjoy the region by participating in some of the great outdoors and physical activities that the natives enjoy.

One of the most important steps you can take to improve your health is to take a more thoughtful approach to how you eat. In each of these regions, the focus is on fresh and local foods that nourish while also inspiring shared moments with friends and family.

You can carve out your own healthy paradise where you live by focusing on enjoying life, making smart food choices, and being active. Or, you can visit one of these havens to learn how it’s really done.

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