As the largest internal organ, the liver has both digestive and non-digestive functions essential for life. It helps promote the proper breakdown of food, converts food into substances the body can use, and filters problem substances from the blood. It takes time for the liver to perform its duties and time to regenerate. When you invest in daily support for your liver, you give it the time it needs to take better care of you. 

What Is In LiverMD®?

The health of our liver is paramount in maximizing whole-body health. Without a well-functioning liver, every other bodily process and organ is negatively impacted. For our liver to keep serving us, we must give it the support it needs. LiverMD® is a comprehensive liver health formula consisting of naturally-derived, scientifically-studied, bioavailable nutrients. 

Two powerful, patented ingredients are included for optimal nourishment of the liver and help maintain liver function, healthy metabolism, and overall health. 

TocoGaia™ is a full-spectrum tocotrienol vitamin E extract, which has been clinically shown to promote proper cell division in the liver. Tocotrienols are powerful antioxidant compounds that are also lipid-loving compounds, making them ideal for protecting the liver against fatty deposits. They have also been shown to help cleanse the liver while reducing occasional damage and allowing liver cells time to regenerate. 

Siliphos® contains the bioactive ingredients from milk thistle (silybin), which has been used for centuries to promote proper liver health. This patented formula combines silybin with phospholipids to form a bio-enhanced, absorbable compound that studies indicate to have superior absorption compared to generic milk thistle extract. This also has been shown to strengthen liver cells, protect the liver, and promote the optimal breakdown of toxins. 

In addition to these powerhouse ingredients, the essential amino acid l-cysteine is also included. L-cysteine promotes the production of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant enzyme that fights oxidative stress. The LiverMD®  formula also includes additional antioxidant aids, including selenium, zinc, and alpha-lipoic acid, to maximize the benefits to your liver health, support liver enzyme levels, and promote metabolic and cleansing processes. 

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Why Take LiverMD®?

The roles of your liver affect your entire body and overall health. Your liver continuously works to break down food, convert nutrients, make protein, convert stored energy into usable energy, and filter the blood, leaving it vulnerable to stress and poor health. In addition to this, there are several other factors that can contribute to liver health. 

Poor diet and weight gain are common with the increased consumption of a typical western diet, which can impact the liver, including liver cell function. In addition, high alcohol consumption, which includes drinking more than 2 servings per day and overuse of certain medications, and exposure to chemicals or toxins also increase stress to the liver. 

The essential functions of the liver involve a lot of blood passing through the liver, so the overall health of the organ impacts the flow of blood. Maintaining normal liver health means that the blood can flow through proper channels. 

A healthy liver also contains the bile it makes to support digestive function. A healthy liver clears nitrogen waste and other toxins from the blood, and if this can be done properly, it results in healthy cognition and focus. 

The health of the liver impacts overall health, so it is important to act proactively to maintain a healthy liver. The best approach to promoting healthy liver function is through dietary and lifestyle changes. The solution is to give your liver nothing but the best with a comprehensive supplement like LiverMD® and healthy living.

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What To Expect With LiverMD®

The liver is the largest internal organ, and it is responsible for processing everything you ingest. It also has to process and detoxify the body of all compounds produced by healthy metabolic functions. The liver is one of the hardest-working organs in the body, and it takes time to process nutrients. This includes processing the nutrients in LiverMD®

The powerful ingredients in LiverMD® work to support liver enzyme function, but this isn’t typically something you can see as their function improves. This does not mean that you are not supporting your liver and overall health. With regular visits to your doctor to track liver function progress, you will see results. 

Daily use of LiverMD®, over an extended period of time, provides effective support of healthy enzyme levels and detoxification, which can also benefit energy levels, focus, and clarity. You will feel these results as stress on the liver is reduced, metabolic and detoxification processes are stimulated, and nutrients are absorbed more efficiently.

It is also not uncommon to experience mild symptoms such as occasional bloating, fatigue, nausea, and muscle aches as the liver starts to cleanse the body. This is only temporary, so be patient and give the liver the time to regulate for optimal function.

The liver has to break down and process everything you ingest and any compounds that enter the body from the environment or lifestyle choices. The process by which the liver removes environmental compounds can result in the temporary production of gases and specific metabolites. 

Within several days, these will be expelled from the body, and your body will adjust. Until then, you may experience some gassiness, bloating, and other mild symptoms as a result. Seek medical attention if your symptoms are severe. However, those instances are extremely rare (the ingredients in LiverMD® are used extensively and considered very safe). The duration of detox symptoms varies by individual, so try to be patient and track changes during your regular doctor’s visits. 

As unpleasant as some symptoms are, they are signs that your body is being cleared and rejuvenated. 

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Stick With LiverMD®

Maintaining consistency is essential to enhance liver and digestive health, so sticking with your supplement schedule is important. If you are experiencing temporary detox symptoms, you may find ways to ease them, such as:

Stay hydrated: Drinking water regularly helps flush toxins and metabolites from your body.

Stay active: Exercise promotes circulation, which helps the body cleanse itself more efficiently of toxins. 

Take your LiverMD®  with meals: The ingredients have better survivability when ingested with a small, non-acidic meal (e.g., almond milk, oatmeal).

Take high-quality supplements only: Lower quality products may contain unnecessary fillers and unhealthy ingredients, wasting your time and money.

As unpleasant as these symptoms are, they are signs that your body is being cleared and rejuvenated. You can support the cleansing process, maximize your health benefits with good nutrition and limiting alcohol consumption, and incorporate exercise into your schedule to reduce stress on the liver to better absorb nutrients.

Final Thoughts

The liver performs several important roles and is integral to overall health, and poor liver function impacts other systems in the body. Symptoms can occur in different areas of the body, and these can be indications that your liver needs help. LiverMD® helps nourish the liver with essential nutrients that promote liver cell production and repair while also promoting liver enzyme activity. 

As the powerful ingredients in LiverMD®  work to repair your liver and enhance digestive and metabolic health, there can be mild side effects, so please be mindful. It can also take time, so be patient, stick with it, and see results that are worth waiting for.

Dr. David Kahana

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Dr. David Kahana is board certified in Pediatrics and Gastroenterology through the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP), as well as Medical Nutrition through the National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists.