With so many beneficial bacteria already living within you, probiotics are a great way to support overall health. Most people think probiotics are targeted only to support digestive health, but the right probiotic can promote vaginal, urinary tract, and whole-body health.

What Are Probiotics, Anyway?

Probiotics actually means "for life". Probiotics are living microorganisms that, in sufficient numbers, provide numerous health benefits when ingested or applied locally. Some call them the "good" bacteria. 

Probiotics help promote the growth of good bacteria to maintain a balanced and healthy microbiome. A balanced gut helps support digestive health, nutrient absorption, cognitive function, vaginal and urinary health, and more. In fact, your gut hosts approximately 80% of the immune cells in your body, so when balanced, these bacteria also help support optimal immune system function. 

For women looking to promote overall health and wellness, these are the top three reasons a doctor-formulated probiotic supplement can help you reach those health goals.

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Promote Vaginal Health

Yeast grows naturally throughout our bodies, but without proper maintenance, balance can become disrupted. Keeping your gut microbiome balanced with supportive probiotics will support more than just digestive health. With the right probiotics, you can maintain yeast balance and provide targeted support and maintain balance in vaginal microbiomes.

Maintain Healthy Hormone Balance

Carefully selected probiotics can provide targeted feminine support by supporting a crucial balance to the vaginal microbiome. This bacterial balance helps promote healthy hormonal balance which supports psychological and physical health associated with monthly cycles.

Support Urinary Tract Health

A daily probiotic supplement can help maintain a healthy bacterial balance through the body which can benefit women’s urinary health. Beneficial bacteria in and around the urinary tract can help promote your immune systems; ability to defend against everyday threats and toxins, for optimal feminine care.

Probiotics Are Great, But There Are 5 Mistakes You Might Make When Buying:

Assuming All Supplements Are the Same

Sometimes, it’s easiest to simply go to our local drug store and pick out the first supplement we see. With probiotic supplements for women, however, you want to be careful so you do not work against your desired health goals. Each brand is different and offers varying strains, and some include unnecessary fillers and additives.

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Not Setting a Goal

It is important to know what you want to get out of your probiotic supplement. Helpful gut bacteria can promote dozens of regular functions, from digestive to cognitive health and, as we mentioned, female health. Set healthy goals around what you are looking to achieve before researching the probiotics that can help you get there.

Forgetting Reviews

Fellow customers will sometimes have some insightful feedback, so it’s important to check the reviews for the products you’ve narrowed down. Try to find reviews on multiple websites and note the feedback that you find most meaningful.

Word-of-mouth suggestions are also valuable, as is feedback from your doctor.

Permitting Fillers

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There are hundreds of probiotic blends and not all are created equally. Beware of unnecessary additives when you check the ingredient label.

Being Unfamiliar With Strains

Now that you have a goal, you’ll also want to know which strains can help you reach it. For example, do you need help digesting lactose? You may want to look for strains from the Bifido family. Or are you looking for ways to support your vaginal health? Strains from the Lactobacillus family could be a helpful strain to look for in your supplement.

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Know What You Need

Knowledge of the different strains of probiotics can help you determine which will best support your health

Keynote: When stating the name of a probiotic, the genus comes first, then the specific strain. Take, for example, lactobacillus rhamnosus. The genus is lactobacillus, while the strain is rhamnosus. You’ll usually see the first letter of the genus, followed by the full name of the strain: L. rhamnosus.

The most common strains you want to look for in a targeted probiotic supplement for feminine care are:

L. acidophilus: This strain of lactobacillus is essential to the maintenance of digestive health. After colonizing the walls of the small intestine, it will begin supporting nutrient absorption and helping with the digestion of dairy foods.

L. reuteri: Powerful strain that can help support a healthy bacterial balance in the vaginal ecosystem.

L. plantarum: This strain is especially useful for expectant mothers who want to ensure that their future newborn gets helpful probiotics.

L. gasseri: A powerful strain with cleansing properties that supports urinary tract and vaginal health.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a new women’s probiotic supplement can sometimes be complicated, but with the right research, you can select a comprehensive supplement for effective feminine health. 1MD Nutrition’s BiomeMD® for Women includes 62 billion CFUs of 16 robust probiotic strains to provide targeted feminine care, healthy digestion, and overall well-being.