Most of us are familiar with using garlic as an aromatic culinary ingredient, but did you know it holds more benefits than simply adding flavor? Garlic has been used for centuries all over the world for its unique and varied health benefits. Today it is used in culinary recipes, health tonics, and naturally-derived supplements. Let's take a closer look at this ingredient.

What Is Garlic Bulb Extract?

Garlic is a plant related to the onion family. Fresh garlic and garlic bulb extract are derived from the garlic plant but differ in their preparation and concentration of bioactive compounds. 

Fresh garlic, such as the cloves used in cooking, contain sulfur compounds such as allicin, which are believed to have health benefits.

Garlic bulb extract, on the other hand, is a concentrated form of garlic that is typically made by crushing or chopping garlic and then extracting the active compounds.

The key difference between garlic and garlic bulb extract is the concentration. Garlic cloves contain lower concentrations of active compounds compared to garlic extract. This means that a larger quantity of fresh garlic may need to be consumed to achieve the same health benefits as a smaller amount of garlic extract.

What Are the Health Benefits of Garlic Bulb Extract?

The root bulb of the garlic plant has been traditionally used for health as a result of its high concentration of sulfur-containing compounds. These compounds, specifically the enzyme alliinase, are released when garlic is crushed or chopped and are believed to be the primary source of the bulb's health benefits. This enzyme converts into allicin, which gives garlic its signature taste and scent.

fresh garlic

Allicin is only present in fresh garlic for a brief period. However, its structure is well-suited for efficient absorption. This, along with its high antioxidant capacity, allows the compound to effectively perform a wide range of biological activities and provide multiple health benefits. 

Garlic Bulb Extract May Help Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

Garlic bulb extract can be an excellent naturally-derived addition to your heart-healthy routine. The potent compounds have been studied for their effectiveness in supporting heart health, specifically, the ability to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels already within a normal range. 

Garlic bulb extract may help support healthy blood pressure levels by promoting vasodilation or widening blood vessels. This is achieved by compounds within garlic that have been found to stimulate the production of nitric oxide, helping to relax the smooth muscle in the walls of blood vessels. This relaxation allows blood vessels to widen, promoting healthy blood flow, circulation, and healthy blood pressure levels.

Garlic Supports Healthy Cholesterol Levels

When it comes to heart health, one of the best ways to maintain healthy cholesterol levels is by including heart-healthy foods, like garlic, in your diet.

Garlic bulb extract may help maintain healthy cholesterol by helping to maintain a healthy, low activity of liver enzymes involved in cholesterol synthesis. As a result, the production of cholesterol in the liver is kept at a healthy level.

Compounds in garlic bulb extract also support the breakdown of cholesterol by promoting the activity of enzymes, which help to maintain healthy amount of cholesterol circulating in the bloodstream.

fresh garlic and garlic extract

Garlic Bulb Extract Can Support Your Immune Health

Garlic bulb extract is widely popular in ancient Chinese Medicine and ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Allicin has been studied for its immune-supporting properties, such as supporting key immune functions and cells.

Additionally, allicin has been shown to support the activities of other beneficial bacteria in the gut, potentially supporting the body’s ability to defend against common internal threats. 

Additional Health Benefits of Garlic Bulb Extract

In addition to promoting heart and immune health, garlic bulb extract also helps to maintain overall health by:

♦ promoting antioxidant capacity in the body to reduce occasional oxidative stress and promote healthy aging. 

♦ supporting circulation and nutrient delivery to the brain for optimal cognitive health

♦ supporting the body's natural detoxification processes through the activities of the sulfur-containing compounds

Ways to Include More Garlic Extract in Your Diet

An easy way to get more of the health benefits of garlic is to include this food in more culinary recipes. We love using fresh garlic when we can when making pesto, aioli, and other sauces. Garlic is a delicious way to add flavor and heart-healthy antioxidants to any meal.

You can also crush and consume raw garlic cloves if you're wanting to support your immune system. You can also make an immune-supporting tonic by crushing a clove or two and mix into vitamin C-rich fresh orange juice for a quick shot of immune support. 

citrus fruits and garlic

If the flavor of garlic is not your cup of tea, you can get the same heart-health benefits from a doctor-formulated, naturally-sourced supplement containing garlic bulb extract. Supplements are an easy way to get the most concentrated health benefits for your cardiovascular health on a daily basis.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage for garlic bulb extract can vary based on the concentration of the supplement, your health needs, and the specific product. In general, the therapeutic dosage ranges from 100 mg to 1200 mg per day, divided into several doses throughout the day. However, it's best to follow the instructions on the label, and be sure to consult with your healthcare provider about the correct dosage for you.

Side Effects

Garlic and garlic bulb extract is considered safe for adult use when taken orally; however, you should consult your doctor before you begin any supplementation. It is also important to consult your doctor if you are taking any blood thinners or other medications. Adding garlic bulb extract to your diet can also cause occasional stomach discomfort, so it is recommended to supplement with food.

 The Bottom Line 

Garlic is more than just a favorite among chefs. Wellness practitioners and doctors from the past and today understand and appreciate that there is more to garlic than flavor. As part of your daily routine, garlic bulb extract can promote heart and circulatory health, support a healthy immune system response, and more. There are many ways to enjoy this natural and potent superfood, so choose your favorite and get your health back on track.