Capsicum extract comes from a diverse group of vegetables and fruits, including chili peppers. Capsicum has been cultivated and used in traditional medicine for centuries. It is now widely accepted and used to support overall health and can be taken in supplement form for your heart health and more.  

Capsicum extract is believed to serve as a catalyst for other nutrients and to provide the heart with nourishment. As a supplement in capsule or pill form, capsicum extract is coated and released slowly to allow the body to better absorb the extract, allowing for more optimal use.

Capsicum Extract for Your Heart

Maintaining a healthy heart is critical, especially for Americans, and capsicum is extremely beneficial for your heart. As part of a healthy lifestyle with balanced diet and regular exercise, capsicum helps support heart function and cardiovascular health. 

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One of the top reasons capsicum is good for the heart is its ability to promote blood vessel dilation. This supports circulation and arterial health. Capsicum can also promote healthy circulation for optimal oxygen and nutrient delivery through the body.

Capsicum also helps to promote healthy blood cholesterol levels. By maintaining cholesterol within a healthy range, capsicum supports arterial health and normal blood pressure. Blood vessels remain open for healthy circulation to promote overall cardiovascular health.

Capsicum and Blood Glucose Support

There is a significant link between blood sugar levels and heart health. By promoting normal blood glucose levels and helping cells promote the efficient utilization of glucose, capsicum extract helps support heart health.

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Capsicum also promotes antioxidant capacity to help reduce typical oxidative stress. Additionally, when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, this extract helps promote healthy weight management which supports metabolic health and heart function.

Additional Benefits of Capsicum Extract

In addition to supporting heart health, capsicum extract provides benefits to other systems in the body.

♦ Immune support: Capsicum extract helps reduce unwanted immune responses and promotes gene activity that promotes healthy immune cell function. Capsicum extract can also be used externally to promote the body’s natural healing rate.

♦ Serotonin production: Capsicum plays a role in the biosynthesis of this serotonin, an important neurotransmitter that supports the central nervous system. This chemical is helps to promote healthy mood and helps the body manage everyday stress and maintain a sense of calm.

♦ Healthy aging: Capsicum is full of antioxidants, which work to reduce typical oxidative stress to protect cells and tissues from common environmental threats.

Taking Capsicum Extract

Capsicum extract is considered safe when consumed in the amounts you would typically find in food. Larger doses should be avoided for extended periods. Discuss taking capsicum extract with your doctor first to evaluate how much you need and how long you need to take the supplement.

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Capsicum extract may also interact with other medications, so be sure to discuss this with your doctor before adding the supplement to your routine. You should also avoid taking capsicum extract before and after surgery.

The Bottom Line

Capsicum extract is a powerful supplement for supporting heart health and beyond. Adding capsicum to your daily routine can help promote healthier circulation, cholesterol and blood glucose levels, for optimal cardiovascular health. Capsicum extract, and the peppers it comes from, are an effective way to start showing your heart some love today.