7 Critical Reasons To Add Zinc To Your Diet

3 minute read

While we all know how important a daily multivitamin is, we also often forget to focus on specific nutrients that are critical to our overall health. Zinc is an element that can benefit so many areas of your body and mind that we decided it deserved special recognition, and it's very own breakdown. Below are seven reasons you might want to consider adding a supplement containing zinc to your daily diet.

  1. It Regulates Mood

    Zinc-related neurons form associational circuitry throughout key areas of the brain that focus on mood regulation. With that in mind, researchers are now starting to suggest that taking a zinc supplement can help boost morale.1
  2. It Balances The Immune System

    Research shows that zinc may help activate the T-cells that regulate our immune system.2 It can also balance your system by slowing down certain protein responses that are connected to excess immune system reactions.3
  3. It Helps Absorb Nutrients

    Zinc is involved in the breakdown of carbohydrates during digestion. Since carbs boost energy, zinc’s help during digestion can support your overall
    daily functioning. This essential nutrient also helps boost metabolism.4
  4. It Promotes Healthy Heart Functioning

    Zinc can help maintain your heart by promoting cellular health throughout the cardiovascular system, and keeping potential inflammation in check. It also supports healthy blood circulation in the body.
  5. It Improves Skin Clarity

    Researchers from a dermatological study conducted in Sweden found that
    zinc supplements, taken orally, can help support clear skin. If you’re looking to maintain your complexion, we recommend keeping skin clear by taking zinc.5
  6. It Supports Eye Health

    We already have high levels of zinc in a part of our retinas called the macula, but adding more through supplementation can be helpful. It helps vitamin A create melanin—a pigment that shields our eyes from unwanted UV radiation.6
  7. It Maintains Memory

    Researchers found that zinc can help regulate glutamate receptors, which are integral to neural communication, learning, and memory formation. Zinc also promotes another important and crucial cognitive element: synaptic plasticity.7

Want to add zinc to your daily routine without changing your diet? We suggest trying a supplement that contains zinc for both clear skin and a healthy system.
Its many healthful properties can't be overstated, so try giving zinc a shot today.