Do Women Really Need To Take Daily Supplements To Be Healthy?

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These days when we hear the word “fusion” our thoughts usually turn to a type of food served by trendy "it" restaurants. Well, stop right there -- and prepare your mind for a very different type of fusion. We’re talking about the value of fusion in nutrition with supplements, and how much value there is in it all for most women.

Generally speaking, many women can easily end up ill-informed when it comes to knowing the most effective means of achieving the health objectives they desire.

Between the questions they frequently ask and the regimens they try to follow, it’s obvious that a set of more informative techniques is needed. Visit any gym and you’ll likely see earnest ladies dripping sweat from every pore as they work out.

Women work hard at refining and enhancing their bodies from the cultural belief that these efforts will bring the slim, muscled physiques of athletes and celebrities.

While their work in the gym isn’t specifically designed to realize those dreams, the other aspects of a necessary plan for optimal health are likely missing in big gaps.

Encouraging your endorphins to wake up doesn’t result from boring, repetitious workouts followed by a lapse in nutritional discipline. Once women learn how to get
the endorphins going, they tend to feel happier and more motivated. Following a plan that includes proper eating, use of targeted supplements, and yes—workouts, will shake those happy hormones out of their stupor and get them working for you.

Female nutritionist taking notes

The Real Story of Women and Supplements

So, what’s the real story, exactly? In short, we know that women (and men) who are disciplined in following a well-designed, personalized, exercise program, paired with the right supplements for support, will ultimately see positive results.

In the long run, consistency in establishing this discipline is a critical key to a great physique. Heavy lifting will not turn a woman into a vein-popping monster. The story is bigger than exercise; it must include a nutritional plan that avoids carbs and sugar while adding in the appropriate supplements women need for support.

Supplements play a crucial role in repairing and increasing muscle, speeding loss of fat, and increasing energy levels. Nutrition, which includes supplements, is said to be responsible for about 80% of the changes you see when you follow a regimen.

To establish your program, you should meet with a trainer who can help you address your physical health goals, keeping use of daily supplements in mind.

Just as important as tailoring your food intake, a nutritionist can be a great aid in identifying food choices and calorie levels. Don’t wander into a health food store and let the clerk sell you on a bunch of random supplements. Below are some tips about the types that work well and what you can expect from taking each of them.

Supplements for Muscle Health and Strengthening

Working out can damage muscle tissue. A strong supplement to take after 20 or 30 minutes of exercise is whey protein. It breaks down quickly and enters your body much faster than whole proteins, acting rapidly to begin repairing muscle tissue.
The amino acids that whey also brings aid the construction of lean muscle mass.

A second effective mineral for your muscles’ well-being is calcium magnesium. This combination works together helping your muscles release and contract. The lactic acid produced by your workouts can be better flushed from your system as well.

An adequate amount of magnesium in your system wards off the cramps and muscle spasms that can sometimes result from a strenuous workout. Whether female or male, there is tremendous value to supplementing in this manner.

BCAAs are a combination of three amino acids that aid in building endurance as well as managing muscle fatigue brought on by exercise. They also encourage the growth of new muscle tissue and are good for your body’s basic nutrition needs.

Also, to make the most of the hours you spend sleeping, women can take a casein protein at bedtime. This protein releases slowly during your REM cycle, allowing its amino acids to do strong work while your mind and body are at their least active.

Supplements for Joint and Brain/Body Health

A necessary supplement for the health of your body, brain, and joints is fish oil. Fish oils not only balance our moods, they also are an effective means of staving off the debilitating osteoporosis so often seen in women as they grow older.

In recent years, krill oil has become a popular—and valuable—substitute for fish oil. While both fish and krill oils can accomplish many of the same benefits, there is a standard of safe servings for fish oil, with a similar standard developing for krill oil.

Another recently studied supplement, turmeric (or turmeric curcumin), is a very old and ancient remedy for a litany of conditions and afflictions—from depression and gastrointestinal disorders, to osteoarthritis. While trending in naturopathic circles, scientific studies have concluded that it is “Likely Safe” and “Possibly Effective”
for osteoarthritis, and these general certainties make it a great tool for women.

Supplements for a Strong Immune System

A strong antioxidant that is not produced by the human body is CLA (or conjugated linoleic acid). CLA, which is found in meat and dairy products, gives an important boost to the immune system when used regularly by women (and men as well).

It has the added effect of helping your body burn fat and produce much more lean muscle mass. New scientific evidence has also been found to support beneficial uses in combating cancer. CLA is a well-researched, reliable supplement to use.

Probiotics have also gained a firm foothold in women’s health circles. Now believed to be a great support and enhancement in maintaining optimal digestive health, probiotics are now relied upon to play a support role in the areas of immunity, vaginal health, mood, urinary health, and digestive regularity. Additions of probiotics to a daily supplement package may have seriously beneficial results, especially for women who use them regularly, as a tool to optimize their health.

Supplements Help Women Avoid Vitamin Deficiencies

Even the most carefully planned diets can leave you deficient of some necessary nutrients, as both food choices and working out can rob our bodies of essential elements. Here’s where the importance of a daily multi-vitamin comes to mind.

Adding a regular vitamin serving to your daily routine is a great way to head off avoidable problems, especially ones that impact the health needs of a woman.

In the end, feeling better and looking better require the fusion of nutrition with powerful, proven, natural supplements. Neither element can be ignored for any woman in need of optimized health that makes you want to stand tall and proud.