What Is Minimalizing? 10 Ways It Can Benefit Your Health and Life

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Minimalism is all about living with less. Not only do you get to throw stuff out, but you can cut down unnecessary expenses and financial pressures too.

The minimalistic life is said to come with a host of benefits beyond just clearing out the clutter. When you minimalize your life, you clear more than your closets. The benefits go much deeper than that pile of junk in storage.

Why Less Is More

Embracing the minimalistic life means removing all that is unnecessary. Monks have been practicing the ascetic lifestyle for centuries and are some of the most content and peaceful people on Earth.

What is it about getting rid of all unnecessary items and cutting back on frivolity that is so good for you? It turns out that a minimalistic attitude is much more beneficial than you think.

1. More Money

When you are buying less and doing fewer activities, you will inevitably save money. Think of the money you will have for what you truly want when you say goodbye to those impulse buys, meals out when you don’t feel like cooking, and all those gifts for the dozens of parties you attend.

2. A Clear Mind

There is a connection between physical items you own and your emotional and mental health. Understanding that makes it clear how cleaning your closet can also unclutter your mind.

There is always a sense of relief every time you go through storage and remove things you no longer have a need for. Even just clearing out a junk drawer, clears up space and clears chaos from your mind.

When there is too much going on around you, there is too much going on in your head.

3. Find Your Freedom

When you take time to think about possessions, you will end up shocked. Shocked by what you own, what you want to own, and what you work hard for and don’t even want.

We are all guilty of wanting something because it is trendy or because your colleague at work has one. We buy things we don’t want to impress others and end up pressured into getting excess stuff.

Minimalizing your life means no more buying things for just any reason. You end up with less pressure and more freedom to do what you want: travel, take a day off, work for yourself, or even work at a job you really want.

4. Confidence Boost

It is a common misconception (caused by societal pressures) that having the latest clothes or the newest model of car is going to raise our self-esteem. Rather than associate your worth with possessions, choose minimalism.

Your focus will be on the value of you instead. It is a truly wonderful feeling to feel good for the person you are rather than what you own.

5. Better Health

Chaos in life causes stress, and stress puts your physical and mental health at risk. Currently our schedules get more cluttered than our closets, and we overcommit.

We have jam-packed schedules because we have trouble disappointing others. You need to scale back on meetings and appointments, so you can have more time for you and your family.

6. Relax More

A clear schedule relieves some stress. Imagine how much stress you can get rid of when your house is clear of unnecessary clutter too.

The thought of a cluttered house can cause anxious thoughts about cleaning, and that really is the last way you want to spend your free time. When you live a minimalistic life, the clutter is gone, and you are free to enjoy your down time without the stress of clutter looming around you.

7. More Time

A clear calendar means more time to do what matters. We struggle to say “no” to people and end up with a booked calendar. We can’t say no because we are scared of being bored; plus, there is always this fear hanging overhead that we may be missing out on something great.

What we so easily forget is that opportunities will always be there, so we don’t have to say “yes” all the time. Take a week to clear your evenings so that after work each day, the only commitment you have is to yourself.

8. Purpose and Meaning

When your life is free from unnecessary items and activities, you can find that a real sense of purpose can be felt. With all those distractions removed from your path, your focus can return to what you have always wanted to do.

Your direction becomes clear and there is meaning in the activities you do choose. When you have fewer and select commitments, you will take them more seriously and get more out of them.

9. Better Relationships

When your life stops being about having everything and everyone, you can focus more on the relationships you have with people. It is no longer about competition, but about connection.

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A healthy relationship will not be based on guilt or competition, and unnecessary things and activities are the cause for both. When people-pleasing is no longer your drive, you can be yourself, and your relationships will be healthier and stronger.

10. Irreplaceable Memories

All things can be replaced, except for memories and time. Possessions take the focus away from memories, especially on events like Christmas and birthdays. Gifts are traditionally given and we mistakenly think the more, the merrier.

But gifts can break, get lost, and become irrelevant with time. When you remove possessions and choose to create memories instead, the gift lasts forever.

Minimalism means the best gift you can give is a family vacation full of laughs and adventure.

The Bottom Line

Less is more with a minimalistic life. Less clutter, less spending on unnecessary items, less time wasted on events you do not enjoy, and less stress all give your life more.

More meaning, more time, more freedom, more money, more health, and more memories. Minimalistic living is about removing things from your life, but in the end, you will have so much more.

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