How to Use Epsom Salt for Soreness, Feet, and Other Health Benefits

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You may be familiar with using Epsom salt in a bath to soothe aching muscles, but there is much more you can do with this handy item. Epsom salt is one of those things you should actually keep on hand at all times. As a great source of magnesium, it is beneficial to your health and it has additional uses around the house.

Epsom salt is very different from the table salt or Himalayan salt you likely cook with. It is a magnesium-based salt rather than sodium-based. Since too much sodium can contribute to high blood pressure as well as other health issues, magnesium-based salts may be a healthier option. Outside of your diet, Epsom salts easily benefit other areas of your life too.

Epsom Salt for Your Health

Magnesium is often overlooked when it comes to important nutrients in your diet, but it plays a massively influential role in your overall health. Most of Epsom salt’s benefits stem from its magnesium content.

Headache Relief

Many studies have found that magnesium can relieve headaches, even migraines. In fact, research has shown that magnesium deficiency is a cause of headaches. Whether you use a magnesium spray or lotion, you should feel relief from any headache right away.

Bodyache Reduction

Body aches are common from regular physical activity as well as from certain illnesses.  There are a number of muscle relief creams on the market that can help with muscle aches from exercise, but these are not recommended for aches related to flu because they can make things worse.

Epsom salts in a warm bath soothe aches and joint discomfort from exercise as well as those caused by illness. Together with a fast-acting joint supplement you'll be feeling good in no time. 

Bug Bite Salve

Itchy skin is a real pain whether it comes from an allergic reaction or a pesky bug bite. Dissolve Epsom salt in warm water and spray onto the itchy skin. You will feel an immediate calming of the skin and for additional soothing effects add a few drops of lavender oil too.

Sunburn Soothing

Just as Epsom salt can relieve itching skin, it can also soothe sunburn. A couple of tablespoons in water with a few drops of lavender oil makes the perfect sunburn spray.

Between the cooling sensation and the relief the magnesium brings, your sunburn will cool and you will feel more comfortable.

Sleep Aid

Having trouble sleeping at night? Disrupted sleep can be dangerous to both your physical and mental health, but Epsom salt can help. Magnesium has been shown to be a natural sleep remedy and can ease you into sleep much quicker and for longer.

Try soaking in a magnesium bath, or using an Epsom salt spray or lotion to massage into your skin. As long as the magnesium is there, you can be assured of restful sleep.

Epsom for Beauty

There are numerous natural treatments for your skin and more that can be improved with some Epsom salt. Here is what you should know about.

Face Wash

The magnesium in Epsom salt is a natural exfoliant for your skin. Just by adding a little to your regular face wash, you will notice smoother and firmer skin. Be sure to grind the salt first to make sure the pieces are not too large and abrasive.

Foot Scrub

Your feet are the most overworked and underappreciated parts of the body. They develop rough skin very easily and can get sore after a week of activities.

Make your own foot scrub with Epsom salt, some castile soap, and carrier oil of your choice and scrub the dry skin from your feet. Your feet will be softer and relaxed without you having to step out to a spa.

Epsom for Around Your House

As long as Epsom salt is being discussed, it’s helpful to remember some ways to use it around the home that can also be beneficial.

Better Vegetables

Epsom salt added to the soil can help your garden grow. One tablespoon per plant a couple of times a year can improve growth in your vegetable garden, especially with tomatoes. Make sure the plant has grown to be at least 12 inches tall before adding the salt.

Efficient Cleaner

Getting grout and tiles clean can be a real chore. Add Epsom salt to your dish soap, and you will have a natural and more efficient grout cleaner. Scrub thoroughly with a brush and be sure to rinse well because the soap will leave a slippery coat otherwise.

Happy Plants

Like your vegetable garden, your house plants appreciate a good magnesium boost every once in a while too. To get more robust houseplants, add Epsom salt to your regular watering or fertilizing schedule.

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For plants inside and out, the magnesium salt help to keep pests away, specifically slugs. Sprinkling the salt around the plants will keep the pesky creatures from causing plant destruction.

The Bottom Line

Epsom salt has many uses for health, beauty, and around the house. There is more to Epsom salt then just making a relaxing bath—it is beneficial for your overall well-being and has multiple uses in your life.

Epsom salt can do so much for you that it should be a staple for every house. If you do not have Epsom salt, you are missing out. Make sure you have this beneficial magnesium salt in every room because you never know when you may need it.

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