The 2 Super-Nutrients For Joint Health

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Whether you’re an athlete or a couch potato, you’ve probably thought about your joint health at one point or another. It’s a part of our overall well-being that tends to be put in the forefront, and for good reason. Our joints are integral to tasks for everyday life, so it’s essential that we keep them in top shape.

Thankfully, there are two common nutrients that pack a huge punch for our joint health –– vitamin D and omega-3. Keep reading to learn what they do to support our joints and how to implement them into your daily diet.

Vitamin D

This nutrient is essential for joint health. A simple walk in the sunshine usually suffices, but during the dreary winter months, we may need to incorporate either vitamin-rich foods or supplements.

Good sources of Vitamin D include:

Egg yolks
Dairy products fortified with vitamin D1


The health world has been talking about omega-3’s a lot lately, and we can’t blame them. This powerhouse nutrient not only boosts your overall well-being, but also your joint health. One study at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found that omega-3s convert into compounds that include resolvins, which help maintain an immune system balance that may directly affect your joints.2

Sources of Omega-3 include:

Chia seeds

Checklist: Should You Take A Supplement?

If you’re not sure whether it’s best for you to add the food listed above to your diet, or use a supplement instead, try reading the statements below:

I usually feel rushed in the morning
It’s sometimes difficult to make home-cooked meals
I eat out at least twice a week
I suspect that I’m not getting enough vitamins
Most weekdays are stressful
My meals are usually rushed
I don’t like cooking

If two or more of these statements are true for you, we suggest trying a supplement to help maintain your joint health. One of the best on the market is 1MD’s Krill Oil Platinum, with all the benefits of omega-3 nutrients without that fishy aftertaste.


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