8 Summertime Skin Care Tips For People Who Struggle With Oily Skin

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The summer season is usually anticipated by many who want to get out to the beaches, take road trips, hold outdoor parties and many other forms of activities.

While the various activities may be fun to engage in, you may be limited due to inclement weather, or some skin irritations that make you feel uncomfortable. 

Among the main reasons why people tend to fear going out in the sun during summer is due to the high acne outbreaks during such periods, especially for people who struggle with oily skin on a daily basis. For them, it's just no fun.

It's especially difficult for those individuals who like spending a lot of time on their makeup, only for them to go out to the sun and get disappointed when their facial skin feels "heavy" and clogged. The sun is no joke and it won't be nice to your skin.

However, you may feel a bit relieved to know that there are various helpful skincare tips you can easily use to help you manage your acne-prone skin all summer long.

1. Use A Charcoal Cleanser On Your Skin

Oily skin is very sensitive, which is the reason why acne finds it so easy to attack. Cleaning your face thoroughly is one of the best ways to get rid of dust impurities and excess makeup which blocks your facial pores, and finally leads to full acne.

Charcoal cleansers are a quality consideration when cleansing since they attract impurities from your skin where even the deepest ones are eliminated significantly.

However, you may not want to cleanse your face so frequently, since your skin may become far too dried out, resulting in more secretion of oil from your skin's pores.

2. Try Witch Hazel For Toning

After using a cleanser on your skin, chances are that there may be some impure remnants, which may require removal to return your skin to its healthier state.

This is where toning your skin comes in. It gets rid of the trapped impurities such
as oils, which may not have been eliminated during washing, cleaning, or cleansing.

You might have realized that a majority of toners will make your skin dry out after use, which may be the beginning of something worse or potentially an outbreak.

When you dry out oily skin, it may produce more oil to compensate for the ones that have been lost, so you end up where you began, and maybe even worse.

Therefore, consider using witch hazel as the best alternative, since it's gentle as a plant-based toning option. Simply put some on a cotton ball, apply it to your face, with much concentration on the oily areas, and see it help refresh your skin tone.

3. Use Oil To Moisturize

Using oils as a moisturizer is contrary to what many of us would expect since we all know that oils are notorious in clogging your pores and leading toward outbreaks.

The specific types of oil that can clog your pores and lead to acne are known as comedogenic oils, which is what every individual with oily skin should try to avoid.

The most interesting part is that using non-comedogenic oils for your skin is the best solution to such an issue since it helps your skin from producing excess oils.

There are a variety of quality non-comedogenic oils for your facial skin, which you need to research as much as you can, to ensure that you find the very best option.

4. Put On A Facial Masque

As part of your solution to get rid of acne, you should definitely consider trying out a weekly facial masque for your skin, since it gives you a fresh start for the week.

The crucial consideration here is getting the right masque for your skin since not all facial masks can work out well with your skin. A facial mask with clay may be the best for oily skin, since it really helps a lot to draw out impurities from your skin.

Charcoal will also reduce the size of the pores on your skin with time, giving you a beautiful skin texture, which is a win-win situation. Try to find a good face masque.

5. Don't Use Too Much Makeup

As you are certainly already aware, the summer season comes with a lot of heat, which obviously makes you sweat. With a lot of makeup on your face, your pores get clogged, which is essentially a guaranteed new acne breakout on your face.

To avoid such issues, consider using concealers or tinted moisturizers to replace heavy makeup. With less makeup on your face, you reduce the risk of an issue.

6. Keep Your Body Hydrated

As most know, those who consume the daily recommended amount of water will have healthy-looking and smooth skin, that leaves everyone admiring their glow.

You may wonder why water can make your skin look so attractive. The main reason is that skin consists of cells that are essentially made up of water, which is why the skin looks so dry, flaky and tight when we don't have enough water in our system.

However, consider the fact that water needs to reach other vital organs before getting to your skin, which is why you may need to apply some moisturizer on your damp skin after a bath. Another alternative may be splashing plain water on your face three to four times in a day, or just wipe your face with a clean, moist towel.

7. Avoid Too Much Direct Sun

The sun is a great threat to people with oily skin since it makes the skin secrete more oil after being exposed to heat and harmful UV rays. As such, one should avoid the sun when it's at its hottest peak, typically between 10 am and 3 pm.

Make sure that you cover your skin using cotton cloth, and apply sunscreen to it if you must go out to the sun. SPF can go a long way in protecting your skin from oil. It also protects your skin against damaging UV rays and other undesirable issues.

8. Watch What You Eat

People with oily skin should try to avoid alcohol, spicy foods, and fried meals since they make one prone to acne by promoting excess oil secretion on the skin. These foods can take a problem from bad to worse if you're not careful about your diet.

Consider substituting foods that carry these effects with ones rich in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, such as kale, spinach, carrots, broccoli, and many others. By improving your nutritional health, you are safeguarding against skin problems.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you are truly concerned about having beautiful, acne-free skin, be sure to adhere to the points outlined above for the best possible chances.

For matters concerning your face, you need to consider that it's the one asset you can't hide from other people, which is why you should do your best to protect your facial skin from any damage. By carefully utilizing these 8 tips, you can beat your predisposition for oily, acne-prone skin, and look healthy and radiant, every day.