10 Quick Tips for Clear and Healthy Skin

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Keeping a clear complexion is one of the most talked-about beauty topics, and it’s not hard to see why. Our largest organ is also the most visually prominent. That’s why we’re sometimes more concerned about having a cold sore than a bad hair day. With this in mind, we compiled the top things you can do to keep your skin looking clear and flawless.


The first –– and most important –– step you can take to keep your skin clear is to cover it in SPF. When your skin is exposed to excess UV rays, it naturally goes into overdrive to create protective melanin. This can cause skin irritation, which may lead to breakouts later on.

Try wearing a broad-spectrum, SPF 25+ sunscreen every time you go out.


Most of our skin tips focus on nourishing from the inside, and for good reason.
Our inner health guides our outer health, so we need to make sure that both are balanced. Drinking water is a critical necessity for a clear complexion. Studies show that drinking more water can have both immediate and long-term positive effects on the health of your skin, including natural moisturization and continued clarity.1

Woman drinking water

Eat Right

Caring for your skin from the inside doesn’t end with water. Eating the right types of food can have a huge impact on your complexion’s clarity and health. If possible, try to lower your intake of processed sugars and foods high on the glycemic index. They can permanently attach themselves to the collagen in your skin, a process known as glycation. This can exacerbate a host of skin conditions.2


Replace those processed foods with helpful nutrients, especially zinc and vitamin C. These can help regulate cell production and turnover, plus keep skin hydrated. Surprisingly, probiotics can also help maintain glowing skin by enhancing your immune defenses. Two strains you’ll want to look for specifically are L. acidophilus and L. rhamnosus, which both target optimal skin health. 


If you want to support your skin from the outside, we suggest moisturizing with a daily oil-free facial cream. Keeping it topically hydrated will help boost your skin’s overall health, which can result in the complexion of your dreams.

For trickier spots, try using a salicylic acid, which keeps skin clear by helping to balance the amount of cells it sheds and keep pores clear. There is one downside
of using salicylic acid: if you stop using it, your unwanted skin traits may reappear.3

Bonus Tips For Your Lips

Our lips are exposed to a lot -- the environment, food, and even other people. With all these elements at play, it’s no wonder that sometimes they need some extra support. If you’re looking to help boost your lip health, we suggest trying these specialized tips:

Keep Hydrated

Lip hydration is the most important –– and sometimes overlooked –– aspect of their overall health. Properly moisturized lips will maintain their protective barriers, and keep the skin nourished and intact. Depending on your body mass, try to drink approximately nine cups of water per day to keep yourself hydrated.

Woman putting lip balm


For lips, topical hydration is critical. Make sure to carry a balm with natural ingredients, and try to avoid parabens, alcohols and artificial colors. Also, try to keep from licking your lips, especially if they’re already chapped. Our saliva contains digestive enzymes that can break down delicate skin.

Nourish From Within

The best way to ensure long-term lip and mouth health is to supplement with skin-healthy probiotics and zinc. They help to fortify your immune defenses, which can ultimately result in a clear, glowing complexion.4


If you’re feeling a lot of buildup on your lips, try gently exfoliating them with a mixture of brown sugar and olive oil. The latter will help naturally moisturize, while the sugar works as a gentle exfoliant to help slough away dead skin cells.


We tend to forget that we need to protect our lips from the sun, too. Try to find a natural lip balm that includes a broad-spectrum 25 SPF. Zinc has also been found to help promote sun protection.

With so many factors fighting against the health of your lips, it’s important to maintain a regular skincare routine. Keeping these tips in mind will go a long way toward promoting healthy, nourished lips.