Fun Facts About Your Immune System

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Immune system maintenance is key to our overall health, but how much do we know about it? Check out these helpful facts below if you want to learn more
about your immune system, and why probiotics can help keep it in top shape.

  1. 80% of your immune cells are in your gut

    The microbes that live in your digestive system play a major role in supporting regular immune system responses. Researchers found that when exposed to bacterial spores, immune system cells called B lymphocytes began dividing
    and reproducing.1 These B cells are key to overall immune system health because they produce antibodies against potentially harmful bacteria.

  2. Our immune system encounters billions of germs every day

    While that may seem terrifying, it’s actually healthy to expose ourselves to bacteria. Many microbes are good—if not essential—for balancing out your
    immune system. The “good” germs help support our immune barriers, and
    when they’re reduced, the "bad" germs may compromise your system.2

  3. Stress can affect our immunity

    Increased levels of cortisol may lead to chronic inflammatory responses, especially if your anxiety lasts over a long period of time. That’s because the habitual excess cortisol in your blood causes an immune resistance to the hormone, which can build up tissue inflammation throughout your body.3

  4. Probiotics may help tissue continue to act normally

    Studies have shown that probiotics can help maintain the normal balance of C-reactive proteins in the blood. These proteins are essentially alarms that go off when unfamiliar or unwanted cells enter the body. They’re critical to continued health, but in excess, they can cause unnecessary, unwanted inflammation.4,5

  5. Immune cells exist in your skin, too

    These specialized cells detect invasion by foreign microbes. Certain cells, called mast cells, use histamine to signal the immune system of the presence of any detectable foreign bodies . This can result in physical effects on your skin.6

Thankfully, taking a probiotic supplement can help maintain the balance of healthy microbes in your body, which may ultimately help support normal immune system responses. For an overall boost of beneficial microbes, we suggest trying a potent probiotic supplement with many unique strains paired with billions of cultures.



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