Could CBD Bath Bombs Be the Next "It" Therapy for Pain Sufferers?

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Are you ready for a way to effectively soak away your pain? If that’s your idea of bliss, then your time may finally be here. CBD bath bombs are now hitting the market, and they may transform the way you relax.

Whether you’re excited or concerned about getting high from a CBD bath bomb, the truth is that CBD or cannabidiol cannot get you high. While CBD is a component of marijuana, it does not induce a “high.”

More About CBD

In a report from the World Health Organization on Cannabidiol (CBD), they’ve defined it as a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. In experimental conditions, CBD can be converted to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), this is the element of marijuana that creates a high. But this doesn’t occur in CBD for patients as directed for treatment. Further, the WHO has found that CBD exhibits no signs of potential for dependence.

CBD is becoming more and more popular as a homeopathic treatment option for a wide variety of health concerns from epilepsy to muscle aches. While there is proven efficacy for epilepsy in the form of Epidiolex, a prescription medication currently in Phase III trials, there is no proof for many of the claims made in favor of CBD. This is not because they’ve failed trials and studies, but because these studies have yet to be done to a sufficient degree.

CBD is legal in all 50 states in the United States, but there are varying degrees of restriction. CBD is still considered in the same drug class as marijuana by federal government standards. CBD can also come from hemp, which is a close relative of marijuana but has no psychoactive properties.

Evidence of CBD Health Benefits

As mentioned above, there are a lot of claims about the powerful effects of CBD oil, and some have been proven while others are still anecdotal. Because there were legal restrictions on CBD trials until December of 2015, there simply haven’t been a lot of studies performed and validated.

Even though there currently isn’t a lot of proof as to the efficacy, the following are health benefits of CBD.

Controlling anxiety: In a study looking at people with public speaking anxieties, it was found that CBD helped.

Helping insomnia: Studies suggest that CBD may help people who have trouble falling asleep as well as people who have difficulty staying asleep.

Treating chronic pain: In animal studies, CBD oil has reduced pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Another study suggests that CBD inhibits inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

Controlling the side effects of chemotherapy: Marijuana has long been known to reduce the suffering of people undergoing chemotherapy, and it turns out that it’s the CBD oil that plays a large role in that. Current Oncology provides doctors a user’s guide to cannabinoid therapies for their patients.

Blood pressure: A study found that a single dose of cannabidiol can reduce blood pressure in healthy individuals.

While these areas look promising, Harvard Health Publishing sums it up well in their article, “Cannabidiol (CBD) – what we know and what we don’t,” by pointing out that while some outrageous claims are being made by CBD manufacturers, there is also some good news on the horizon. It seems as if CBD may prove to be a legitimate option for managing anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.

CBD Bath Bombs

There are a wide variety of ways to use CBD, using a bath bomb is considered a topical application of CBD, much like using a lotion or a gel. By soaking in a CBD infused bath, you are bypassing liver metabolism and can experience long-lasting relief. If you’re looking to soothe aching muscles, this is an excellent way to go.

Using a CBD bath bomb can be slow to take effect, and it can vary by the individual due to fatty tissue. But once you do achieve the effects you want, they can last up to five hours and even longer. A bath bomb is recommended for people with local pain of the skin, muscles, and joints.

You can find bath bombs in your local CBD store or online. They’re to be used just like a traditional bath bomb; simply drop them into your bath and relax while you soak. Not only do you get the benefits of a topical CBD, but you also get the relaxing effects of a quality bath.

If you want to enjoy your bath even more or make it more therapeutic, look into the other ingredients in the bath bomb. Many companies are adding essential oils to the CBD bombs to increase their effectiveness. If you’d like to customize your experience, there are even recipes for making your own CBD bath bombs that can help you defray the costs, and you’ll create a bath that’s designed just for you.

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The Bottom Line

CBD is a component of marijuana and hemp, and it’s become a popular trend for the treatment of many different ailments, aches, and pains. While CBD cannot get you high, it’s been restricted by the federal government for a long time.

Until recently, it was even difficult to do studies using CBD to determine potential health benefits. At this point, it’s been proven to be very effective in treating epilepsy, and other clinical trials to prove its efficacy for additional ailments is ongoing.

While there isn’t a lot of research and supporting data, it does appear that CBD is effective in treating pain, insomnia, controlling anxiety, lowering blood pressure, and relieving the side effects of chemotherapy.

If you suffer from skin, joint, or muscle pain, you may benefit from the topical use of CBD. Today’s hottest trend in topicals is a CBD bath bomb, which is not only effective for relieving pain, but the effects can be very long-lasting. Selecting a bath bomb with essential oils can deepen your enjoyment and therapeutic effects.

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