How To Powerfully Boost The Health Of Your Brain

3 minute read

Cognitive health conversations have been on the rise in recent years, especially now that we know the truth about adult brains –– they actually can trigger new neurons to grow. Researchers are also starting to point to the many advantages of brain-healthy diets and activities, and how they can positively affect our cognition.

Those of us who are concerned about keeping our brains healthy may want to consider some of the suggestions below:

Try A New Workout

Cognitive health experts suggest doing different, challenging puzzles every day for an extra boost in brain functioning, but why not expand this to your exercise routine? By challenging yourself with a new type of physical activity, you’re not only pushing your muscles, but also your mind.

Focus on Omega-3’s

These powerhouse cognitive nutrients have been popular among dieticians and health enthusiasts for decades. Omega-3’s keep the brain in top shape, but also support heart and bone health. You can get them from fatty fish, but we suggest trying a supplement containing krill oil to avoid the mercury sometimes found in salmon and tuna.

Reward Yourself

Studies have found that dopamine, otherwise known as the “reward molecule,” can trigger new brain cells to grow in adult brains. While there hasn’t been definitive proof that increasing your dopamine levels naturally can also directly trigger new neurons to form in your brain, there seems to be a strong connection.1 One way to generate a dopamine release is to set a goal, achieve it, and give yourself some kind of reward. So the next time you complete an important project at work, try rewarding yourself with a slice of chocolate cake.

Consider Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains a potent amount of ketoacids, which help supply your brain with the energy it needs to continue functioning well. If you don’t already cook with coconut oil, try building it up slowly, as it can sometimes affect your stomach. Combining it with the krill oil supplement mentioned above will do wonders for your cognitive well-being.2

Remember Your Digestive Health

It may sound strange, but your gut is closely connected to your brain. Bacteria from your digestive tract transmits information to your brain via the vagus nerve, so you want to ensure that this bacteria is healthy. Even more interesting, your gut also contains neurons that can produce serotonin, which is linked to a good mood. The takeaway: if your gut is happy, so are you. One way to maintain your digestive balance is to take a probiotic with multiple, diverse strains. 

The Takeaway

Maintaining cognitive well-being is paramount to a healthy life, which is why so many experts recommend keeping up-to-date with brain health research and trying new brain-boosting activities. If you continue being mindful about your cognitive health, you’ll be able to see the neuron-boosting benefits in no time.