50 or Older? Why Advancing Your Career Is Still an Important Plan

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Even if you have been settled into your career for years and are well established within a company, it doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Learning doesn’t even mean you need to make a career change. 

Many shy away from learning because, with retirement not so far away, there seems little point in boosting a résumé. But this is not the case. There are numerous advantages to expanding your knowledge and skill base, no matter what your age.

Why New Challenges Matter

Along with retirement on the horizon scaring people away from taking on new challenges, there is also a fear of starting something new. You don’t need to find a new career, but rather new challenges within your current one. 

It can be overwhelming to think about enrolling in a school when you are older and it can be uncomfortable to break out of your current work comfort zone. But you need to consider the benefits.

The market today continues to get increasingly more competitive and this means you need to stay in the game. No matter what your age, if you are working, then you need to keep up with the curve or try and get ahead of it

How Learning Can Boost Your Career

Adding new skills to your repertoire at any age or job position will only open more doors for you, so to stay strong in today’s workforce, you need to be prepared to step out of the box and further yourself.

Get a Promotion

There is always opportunity to move up. Even if this position isn’t available at your current organization, it will be somewhere else, so aim for higher. The more education and skillsets you can add to your résumé, the better qualified you become for a promotion. 

Thinking ahead is the best way to prepare for a promotion because you can deliberately seek out the training where you currently have gaps on your résumé. This presents you as a well-rounded and qualified candidate against others who may be missing skills.

Get More Money

Even if you decide you like your current job and there are just not any available promotions, a boosted résumé can still help you. Adding education and skills puts you in a better position for a raise. If you are worried about having the energy for all this, there are also ways to stay healthy in the workplace over 40.

Job responsibilities change all the time in business and the more you know, the better positioned you are for a move, and expansion of responsibilities, and ore money. Anytime your position or job responsibilities change, you are is a great position to negotiate a raise because you now have the skills that make you a desired asset.

Market Yourself Better 

Whether you want to make a lateral move into a different field or change careers completely, this can be easily achieved with education and training. There are many programs today designed to allow for speedy certifications and training so that individuals can change careers later in life. 

Educating yourself outside of your field also allows you to market yourself better for a similar position within a completely different industry or field. Learning a new industry can help you keep your title but give you a chance to explore a new field.

Start Your Own Business

When people are finally ready to retire from their job, they still want to work. Many retirees start their own businesses based on hobbies or passions and live in what is known as semi-retirement

Seeking training on the venture you want to embark on as well as marketing, sales, and running a business will only help you to success in this new venture. Classes can be found online, through workshops, and through colleges.

Go Abroad 

The temptation to move abroad is great later in life, as the reduced costs of living are a strong pull. There is also usually a more desirable climate you are seeking too. Learning a new language is a great way to ensure you can settle comfortably in a new country as well as find opportunities for work and living. 

Sometimes companies have international locations. If you know the language, you are a top candidate for when they need someone to relocate.

Ways to Get Education Quickly

Certifications give your résumé proof that you have attended and completed classes as well as passed necessary testing for a new skillset. Even if you have not taken a test for years, do not get anxious—plan, practice, and be patient. 

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Some good certifications to look into include languages, project management, and sales. You can also reach out to your employer for help finding courses that are relevant to the business you are in. 

Certificate programs are a little different and can be done through a college or online. These are generally more expensive but are readily available. There are a number of online colleges around now offering quick and easy ways to learn and master new skills for a job in shorter amounts of time than standard college classes. These certificate programs also cover a wide range of fields so chances are you can find something to boost your résumé.

Professional workshops are an additional way to learn something new for your job or for a new one. Many organizations host these workshops for their employees to augment existing skills. 

Offering hands on guidance these workshops help you learn valuable tools that will make you a greater asset to the company. You can also look for reputable speakers in your local area that hold workshops regarding training in your field of work. 

The Bottom Line

With the average age of retirement increasing each year, people are working for longer. This means you could end up in the same job for a long time. It also means you are competing with both older and younger generations. 

It is time to step out of your comfort zone and work to boost your knowledge and skills. Keep learning no matter what your age. You don’t just want to stay in the game; you want to stay ahead of it.

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