15 Reasons for Daily Apple Cider Vinegar: Health Benefits and More

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If you’re wondering if apple cider vinegar is the miracle cure you hear it is, the answer is probably no. There are no miracle cures. However, if you’re wondering if you should be using apple cider vinegar every day, then the answer is probably yes.

There are a lot of reasons to adopt and use this product that you probably never even considered. And by using it daily, you’ll make yourself, your family, your home and maybe even your pets happier and healthier.

Apple Cider Vinegar and You

Apple cider vinegar is made in a two-step process that exposes crushed apples to yeast to ferment the sugars and turn them into alcohol. Then bacteria is added that transforms the alcohol into acetic acid.

Let’s look at some ways you can use apple cider vinegar daily and how it can benefit you.

1. Healthy Hair

Give your hair new shine and strength by creating an apple cider vinegar rinse. Mix a cup of cold water with 1/2 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar and then pour the solution through your hair after shampooing to boost shine and overall strength.

It can even help boost scalp health and fight dandruff.

2. Tooth Whitener

Why pay a lot for expensive tooth whiteners when you can get the same results with apple cider vinegar? For stubborn yellow spots, rub ACV directly on your teeth and rinse with water.

For a less abrasive rinse, mix one teaspoon with a cup of water and swish around and through your teeth.

3. Facial Wash to Regulate Skin pH

Diluted with two parts water, ACV is a wonderful face wash. The skin is naturally acidic, but when it gets disrupted it can lead to irritated skin, breakouts, clogged pores, and more.

By washing with the gently acidic apple cider vinegar diluted in water you restore the acidic harmony to your face.

4. Soothe Sunburns

If you’re looking to relieve the pain of a sunburn, the answer might lie in apple cider vinegar. Soak a washcloth in a mixture of half ACV and half water and lay it on your tender skin.

5. Weight Loss Aid

It’s believed and been proven that people who take apple cider vinegar along with a meal high in carbohydrates will have increased feeling of fullness and may, in turn, consume less throughout the day.

6. Lower Blood Sugar

Apple cider vinegar has been shown to have a number of benefits that are related to blood sugar and insulin. It can improve insulin function and lower blood sugar levels after meals and overnight if taken right before bedtime.

7. Lower Cholesterol

Studies have shown a positive connection between ACV and lowering cholesterol. If you’re worried about your cholesterol, you might want to consider adding apple cider vinegar to your routine along with changing your diet to boost your odds of having healthier cholesterol numbers.

8. Maintain Alkaline Status in Your Body

Your body has an acidic/alkaline balance that needs to be maintained. Ideally, the body should be at 7.4 alkaline. While apple cider vinegar is acidic, when it’s ingested it become an alkaline, which helps you restore your balance if you’re becoming too acidic.

9. Relieving Allergies

It’s believed that apple cider vinegar boosts your immune system and can help defeat the effects of allergies. It’s also been shown that ACV helps break up mucus and supports lymphatic drainage.

10. Fight Candida Yeast

Candida is a type of yeast that can cause a fungal infection in the body. ACV is a proven antifungal and it’s good at fighting candida. It’s suggested that you try drinking one tablespoon twice a day. You can follow it up with a glass of water.

11. Reduces Heartburn

Some people have reported great results using apple cider vinegar as a natural, homeopathic remedy to heartburn and acid reflux. Others have said that it made their condition worse. Like many of the possible benefits of ACV, this appears to be an individual situation—you’ll have to try to see if it works for you or not.

12. Treating Nail Fungus

If you have foot or nail fungus, you might want to try apple cider vinegar before heading to the doctor or the pharmacy. ACV works on a few different levels here: it helps regulate the pH values of your skin, and it is known to kill bacteria and fungi.

Mix ACV with equal parts of water and soak the area for 30 minutes a day.

13. Fights Fleas in Fur

Apple cider vinegar is a great way to naturally fight fleas. Both the smell and taste of ACV are unappealing to fleas, giving them a good reason to move on and leave your furry friend alone.

14. House-Cleaning Agent

ACV and white vinegar are great at cleaning, they disinfect, they’re nontoxic, and biodegradable. The acetic acid tackles bacteria on a cellular level and leaves surfaces clean and fresh.

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Remember: apple cider vinegar should not be used on wood, no-wash floors, and soft stone countertops. Dilute one cup ACV to one gallon water to create a cleaning solution.

15. Clean Dishes

Add apple cider vinegar to your dishwasher cycle to remove stains and leave your dishes sparkling clean. If you have more stubborn issues, like coffee stains in cups and lime build-up in vases, try soaking in ACV overnight and simply wipe off the stains.

The Bottom Line

While there aren’t a lot of studies into any benefits from apple cider vinegar, the anecdotal evidence is ample and has a long history. People have been using this product, or at least vinegar, for thousands of years.

Try using ACV as a cleaning agent, to improve your skin condition and ingesting it to see what other positive effects it has on your body. Don’t forget to mix up a batch to work into your beloved pet’s fur for a non-toxic, chemical-free way to combat fleas.

The great news is this affordable product can do a lot for you and it’s safe to try and experiment with in most situations, so you can pick and choose how you’re going to use ACV.

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