Tocopherols are a family of compounds that are part of the larger vitamin E family. Tocopherols have antioxidant properties in the same way as the other members of this class. These compounds are the main source of dietary vitamin E in the American diet. As the more potent version of vitamin E, tocopherols have been found to be especially beneficial to eye health and overall health.

Tocopherols and Eye Health

Tocopherols help to reduce typical oxidative stress. The high amount of UVA and UVB light exposure that eyes are exposed to can be associated with typical oxidative stress. Each type of light affects a different part of the eye. UVA light affects the retina and your central vision, and UVB light affects the front of the eye. 

By helping to reduce typical oxidative stress, tocopherols help protect the integrity of additional carotenoids that support eye health, helping to lower the occurrence of common age-related issues affecting eyesight. 

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Tocopherols have the ability to travel through your blood directly to the retina. This ability allows them to provide support and protection to the cells responsible for vision from the harsh effects of these rays. 

Additionally, tocopherols help support antioxidant enzymes found within the lens of the eye. This helps to reduce levels of a lipid peroxidation end product, known as malondialdehyde, to promote healthy lens function, visual acuity, and overall eye health.

Additional Benefits of Tocopherols

The eyes receive the most protection from tocopherols and vitamin E, but there are other areas of the body that can benefit. The antioxidant properties of tocopherols make them a beneficial compound for your overall health.

Heart health: By helping to reduce typical oxidative stress, tocopherols help support arterial health and circulation for proper heart function.

Cognitive health: By supplying your brain with antioxidants, you can promote brain health.

Bone health support: Tocopherols reduce typical oxidative damage to the bone, which contributes to age-related bone loss. Tocopherols can fight this normal bone loss as well as support bone growth and bone replacement.

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Taking Tocopherols

The daily recommended dose for tocopherols is 15 milligrams once a day, but depending on your dietary intake of vitamin E, you may be able to safely take up to 1000 milligrams per day to support eye health. As with any supplements, tocopherols are safe for use, so long as recommended dosages are followed. Always consult with your doctor before starting a supplement that contains tocopherols. Empty heading

The Bottom Line

Tocopherols can help support long-term eye health and reduce the occurrence of age-related eye issues. As a naturally-sourced option to add to your daily routine, supplements like VisionMD®that contain beneficial tocopherols can help you see your world better, through healthier eyes.