Although it is treated like a probiotic, saccharomyces boulardii, or S. boulardii for short, is actually a helpful type of yeast. Multiple studies have shown that this yeast can support human health, unlike many of the yeasts that we are more familiar with. All you need to know now is why and when to take this helpful yeast.

What You Need to Know About S. boulardii

The most common reason people take probiotics is to support the bacterial community that lives inside the digestive tract. Maintaining a healthy microbiome balance is important for digestive health and more. Despite being a yeast, S. boulardii supports your body and health in the same way as other probiotic supplements.

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S. boulardii is a form of yeast that functions like a probiotic. It helps to support microbiome activity to promote healthy digestion, nutrient absorption, and proper bowel movements. It is also tough enough to survive in the acidic sections of the digestive tract.

S. boulardii can survive traveling though the digestive tract, where other probiotics may be broken down. By making it's way intact to the colon, S. boulardii has the potential to provide real health benefits to your entire digestive system. This yeast is resistant to stomach acids and the internal body temperature, unlike many supplements, giving it enhanced bioavailability.


With S. boulardii on Your Side

S. boulardii can promote digestive health by supporting the actions of other probiotics in your gut and digestive enzymes. By helping to maintain a healthy bacterial balance in the gut, this yeast supports digestive function, immune health, and more. 

Along with helping the gut and helping to reduce occasional digestive issues, this yeast supports your immune system function. Differently than your gut bacteria work, this yeast supports immune activity by promoting antibody production. 

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The unique actions with which S. boulardii acts on your body is what allows it to provide benefits to your health.

♦ It helps support the bacterial strains you want
♦ It promotes proper digestion and nutrient absorption
♦ It supports intestinal wall integrity and health
♦ It promotes immune cell activity to help reduce unwanted immune responses and occasional oxidative stress.

S. boulardii also promotes gut lining health, allowing it to fend off particles from crossing through the gut barrier where they shouldn’t be. This supports immune system function by protecting the gut from environmental threats, which helps keep the lining of your stomach strong and healthy.

In combination with digestive enzymes, S. boulardii ensures food is properly broken down, so your body can absorb essential nutrients from the food you eat. By supporting intestinal wall integrity, you keep the nutrients you should be absorbing contained within the gut, where they can provide maximum health benefits.

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The Bottom Line

Probiotics and their beneficial impact on gut health has been known for a long time. Many do not think to include yeast in this group, but this is a mistake when it comes to S. boulardii. As part of a healthy lifestyle, S. boulardii can support the health of your natural gut microbiome. Since your gut health is directly linked to immune system activity as well as cognitive health, your overall well-being benefits.