Probiotics are all the rage right now, and for a good reason. The trillions of bacteria living within you are essential for digestive and overall health. The best way to support gut health and healthy balance in your gut microbiome is with nourishment, and the best nourishment for probiotics, is prebiotics.

Prebiotics: Food for Probiotics

Prebiotics are found naturally in food, and they are typically indigestible. Because of this, they end up in the gut and can feed the bacterial community living there. 

By nourishing the health of the gut bacteria, you promote healthy digestion as well as better health. Because your gut health is closely linked to your immune system and cognitive function, happy bacteria is the goal to reach.

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With prebiotics, you can support all the strains you want while combating the ones you don’t. By encouraging the growth of the good bacterial strains, you enjoy the benefits of good digestion, sustained energy, healthy weight management, and whole-body benefits.

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Why PreforPro® Stands Out

PreforPro® is a blend of essential nutrients that your gut microbiome wants. This formula is the ultimate support for gut health, by promoting the growth of a broad spectrum of probiotics. Many of these are essential for supporting gut lining integrity, immune function, and digestion.

Not only does this supplement promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, but it also aids in the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels. Many people do not realize the role cholesterol plays in gut health. While cholesterol is most often associated with heart health, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels supports healthy fat utilization, which in turn promotes gut and digestive health.

PreforPro® works both in the small and large intestines, which is something most prebiotic supplements do not do. In doing so, you can provide optimal digestive support, nutrient absorption, and gut lining health. 

So what is it about PreforPro® that makes it so exceptional? This product is unique because it includes bacteriophages along with prebiotics. Bacteriophages have one solitary purpose, to identify and remove unwanted microorganisms


PreforPro® goes beyond just nourishing the bacterial strains you want, as it also defends against those you don’t want. It also goes the extra distance and stands out from other prebiotics in several ways:

Works throughout the intestines: Most prebiotics only work in the colon, but PreforPro® works in both the large and small intestines. Prebiotics that only work within your colon are limited in the support they can give you. Being active in all sections of the gut gives PreforPro® a distinct advantage.

Works effectively at smaller doses: PreforPro® works more effectively in smaller dosages than larger doses of other prebiotics.

Reduces occasional gas and bloating: The ingredients in PreforPro® are naturally-sourced and do not contain the dense fiber content of other prebiotics. By supporting digestion and not creating additional gas, PreforPro® can help reduce common issues associated with taking prebiotics, such as occasional gas.

Works in different environments: PreforPro® works in several environments and works effectively. By working all the way through your gut, you can enjoy the benefits of optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.


The Bottom Line

PreforPro® gives us a new way to look at the prebiotic-probiotic dynamic. It has long been known that probiotics thrive when given prebiotics for food. Now this food comes with bacteriophages, designed to help remove unwanted everyday toxins, resulting in a balanced microbiome and optimal health for your gut.