Peptidase (also known as protease) is a proteolytic enzyme responsible for breaking down proteins in the body. The process of breaking down proteins (hydrolysis) involves converting the larger molecules into smaller amino acids.

Hydrolysis breaks the chains between proteins, leaving smaller compounds for the body to use. Without this essential catabolic process, the body cannot use the proteins ingested through food. 

Protein is an essential part of the human diet because of the need for amino acids. Twenty amino acids are considered essential because the body is unable to produce them. These must be consumed through the diet, and this is done by eating proteins. 

Proteins are digested by peptidase enzymes to produce these amino acids as well as other byproducts. The byproducts are removed via the kidneys, and amino acids are delivered to the body through your blood.


Peptidase for Digestion

The key role of peptidase is to break down proteins during digestion. This enzyme is a critical component of the digestive process to make sure you absorb as many nutrients from your food as possible. 

Peptidase can be found in both animals and plants, so you can obtain what you need through diet. However, modern diets are not as diverse as they once were, with many not getting the digestive enzymes they need.

Overall, health depends on a healthy and optimally functioning digestive system. Having adequate amounts of peptidase ensures proper protein breakdown and optimal nutrient absorption. To help meet nutritional needs today, peptidase is now commonly available as a supplement to support digestion. 

Peptidase activity starts outside the intestinal wall cells and continues inside. A different peptidase is used for each step in protein digestion, and each one also has a different mechanism. 

Larger protein molecules are moved from the outside of the cell to the inside for breakdown, while smaller proteins are directly absorbed. Without an adequate level of peptidase in your body, these essential processes cannot take place. 

Without the breakdown of protein, these larger molecules can build up in the blood. When the protein levels are too high you may experience occasional digestive issues including:

♦ Abdominal discomfort
♦ Nausea
♦ Diarrhea


Additional Benefits of Peptidase

Peptidase is primarily taken to support healthy digestion. With a healthy digestive system and the efficient breakdown and use of proteins, additional systems in the body can also benefit from peptidase. 

Cognitive health: The effective hydrolysis of proteins promotes healthy blood sugar levels, which in turn promotes healthy brain tissue function. Your brain uses sugar for energy, and making sure blood sugar levels remain stable is an important job for peptidase in promoting a healthy mood.

Immune system function: Peptidase digests unwanted debris and invaders in the blood, which promotes healthy immune system responses. It can also help reduce occasional oxidative stress and unwanted immune activity to promote the body’s natural healing rate.

Heart health: The ability to reduce occasional oxidative stress and support healthy blood sugar levels allows peptidase to promote arterial health and heart and circulatory function.

Bone health: Proteins are responsible for carrying calcium into the blood. Peptidase helps ensure there is enough protein to support healthy calcium distribution to support optimal bone density health.


Taking Peptidase

You can add peptidase supplements to your diet to support protein digestion and absorption. It is recommended to buy supplements with clinically-studied ingredients and to follow dosage instructions carefully. 

The potency of peptidase supplements, as with all enzymes, can vary, so please discuss it with your doctor before taking peptidase. The labels should have potency information as well as the composition of the supplement in the event other enzymes are also included.

Although considered safe for consumption, peptidase can cause side effects in some individuals, including occasional nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It is important to note that these are more common when higher doses are consumed. 

Consult with your doctor regarding medications and supplements you are currently taking before starting a peptidase supplement.

Allergic reactions can also occur, and peptidase can interfere with prescription medications. Consult with your doctor regarding medications and supplements you are currently taking before starting a peptidase supplement. 

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The Bottom Line

Peptidase supplements are important to ensure that proteins from your diet are properly broken down and absorbed. Cellular processes through your body depend on essential amino acids that come from these proteins. It is essential for optimal digestion and overall health that you maintain healthy peptidase levels, and a high-quality digestive enzyme supplement could be just the solution you need.