Milk thistle has been used for centuries to help support liver health. When extracted, its ingredients can be more potent than generic milk thistle supplements when it comes to maintaining the health of your liver.

The Secret Is in the Silybin

Silybin is one of the active ingredients in milk thistle thought to provide support for liver health and function. Specifically, it helps to reduce occasional oxidative stress in your liver, gallbladder, and bile ducts, which are exposed to environmental toxins as they work to clear them from your body. 

Silybin works to support your liver in a few different ways.

♦ Its presence supports cell wall strength, keeping environmental toxins from crossing through into the cell.
♦ It promotes antioxidant capacity and helps reduce occasional oxidative stress.
♦ It promotes and speeds up the liver’s natural detoxification process.

As part of the body’s detoxification processes, the liver can be exposed to environmental toxins that can be associated with unnecessary immune responses. Silybin extract is a potent ingredient in milk thistle that can best support the liver in these cases.

What makes silybin extract more effective than generic milk thistle is that it is more bioavailable. When a substance has high bioavailability, it means your body can absorb it more readily. It’s why silybin can get to work supporting your liver right away. 

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Silybin For Your Health

Promoting liver health is the most common use of milk thistle and, more recently, silybin. Silybin helps to support healthy liver function by promoting antioxidant capacity and proper liver detoxification. The ability to reduce occasional oxidative stress does more than support liver health. As a regular supplement, you will see additional benefits for your overall health and well-being.

Support Metabolic Health

Milk thistle extracts like silybin can help support healthy blood sugar levels which can help you maintain metabolic health and a healthy weight. 

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Help Maintain Healthy Cholesterol

As part of a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition and regular exercise, silybin can help support healthy cholesterol levels. The compound helps maintain HDL and LDL cholesterol levels within normal ranges to promote heart and circulatory health.

Promote Immune System Function

Silybin extracts support the activity of neurons that help promote healthy immune system responses. By reducing occasional oxidative stress, silybin also supports immune cell activity so the body can protect itself against environmental threats.

By enhancing the efficiency of your immune system, you are better protected from disease and illness.

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Support Cognitive Health

Silybin extracts help support brain cell activity. This combined with the reduction in occasional oxidative stress means silybin can promote cognitive function as you age.

Promote Bone Density

Silybin aids in the maintenance of healthy hormone levels which supports bone density and strength, to reduce occasional bone discomfort associated with normal aging. 

The Bottom Line

When it comes to supporting liver health, you should opt for silybin extract over generic milk thistle. The higher bioavailability means you get support right away and for the long run. Once silybin only had a place in traditional medicine, but it is now an effective option for liver health. Its inclusion in a liver health supplement is a sure sign of the quality and efficacy of that product.