The gut, or gastrointestinal system, is a long tube that runs through the body, consisting of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines, and colon. Your  gut does a lot for your health, which means at times it may need some gut support from you. 

It breaks down the foods you consume, and absorbs nutrients that support the body's functions. As a key player in energy production, hormone balance, skin health, immune function, mental health, and waste elimination, the gut is always working hard to support your health.

Gut Support From an Amino Acid

Consisting of a delicate single-cell layer wall, the gut lining is one of the most critical components of your overall health. This single layer is responsible for regulating digestion and absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract into the bloodstream.


The health of the gut wall is also important, as this thin lining protects the body from everyday environmental threats that need to be contained in the gut before removal. Promoting gut lining integrity helps promote optimal digestive health and strong immune system function, which supports overall health and wellness.

The amino acid, L-Glutamine, is a building block for protein as well as an important player in healthy gut function. It is the most plentiful amino acid in the body and helps support digestive and overall health. L-Glutamine supports the lining of your gut to keep the nutrients you should be absorbing contained, where they can provide maximum health benefits. 

There are twenty amino acids, but it has a strong affinity for L-Glutamine as the preferred source of nourishment and fuel. By providing the cells of your intestinal walls with energy, mucus production increases to create a favorable environment for healthy intestinal cell regeneration and function.

L-Glutamine can be added to your diet by way of supplement, or there are several foods you can try, including:

♦ Nuts, specifically walnuts, almonds, and pistachios

♦ Yogurt, which also supports gut microbiome balance

♦ Milk, specifically grass-fed sources

♦ Beans, such as kidney beans, white-eyed beans, and chickpeas

♦ Animal sources, like eggs, red meat, chicken, lamb, and seafood

Whether adding L-Glutamine as a supplement or through food, it is important to introduce the amino acid slowly and to increase doses gradually. You don’t want to introduce too much L-Glutamine all at once, so take your time and be patient.

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5 Additional Ways to Support Gut Health

Making sure you get enough L-Glutamine is one way to keep your gut healthy. There are also several other holistic options to promote optimal gut health.

1. Dietary Change

Certain foods are associated with typical oxidative stress in the gut, so a gut-calming elimination diet helps remove these, and promotes a healthy gut microbiome balance.

2. Whole Grains

You want to get rid of all processed foods because they often contain excess sugar, additives, and lack essential gut-supportive nutrients. Whole grains introduce fiber to support optimal gut health.


3. Go Green

You were always told to eat your vegetables, and there is good reason for this. The greener you eat, the happier your gut will be. Adding greens to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner provides nutrients that help maintain gut lining integrity.

4. Probiotic Support

Adding probiotic foods or a supplement is an efficient way to promote bacterial balance and a healthy gut. Probiotics promote growth of bacterial strains you want while defending against the ones you don’t want. Supporting a healthy microbiome balance promotes healthy digestion and immune system health, too.

5. Learn to Relax

Everyday stress management is essential for overall health, and in particular can support healthy gut function. To promote proper digestion and reduce typical oxidative stress in the gut, try regular yoga, meditation, and deep-breathing exercises.

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The Bottom Line

Your gut works hard to make sure you get the nutrients and energy you need for optimal health. Maintaining optimal gut health involves showing your gut some love and supporting gut lining integrity.

The addition of L-Glutamine can help protect the gut from everyday environmental threats, to keep the lining of your stomach strong and healthy. Make occasional ‘rough gut’ days a thing of the past with comprehensive  gut support today.