HMOs (human milk oligosaccharides) are predominantly known for promoting infant health. They support the healthy development of digestive, immune, and cognitive system development. 

What many people do not realize is that these HMOs can also help support the same systems in adults. As a supplement, all people can benefit from HMOs, specifically in the prevention of leaky gut and the promotion of overall gut and digestive health.

What Are HMOs?

HMOs are sugars that are found naturally in human breast milk. After lactose and fats, HMOs are the most abundant compound in breast milk. 

The sugars serve as prebiotics that passes to the developing infant mostly undigested. They make their way to the intestines of the infant and feed the community of good bacteria. As this community thrives, the digestive and immune systems of the infant are boosted. 


HMOs have the ability to make it through the digestive gauntlet and enter your colon to nourish your gut bacterial community.

The human body cannot produce the enzymes required to break these compounds down as part of healthy digestion, so they remain intact for your gut to benefit from. As a result, these sugars make the perfect meal for your gut microbiome and become an effective way to protect intestinal health. 

The beneficial and protective attributes of the HMOs are:              

With a direct link between your gut health and your brain (via the gut-brain axis), supplementing your diet with HMOs can go a long way in protecting cognitive health as you get older. 

Bifidobacterium longum infantis thrives with HMO supplementation, and these beneficial bacteria live in your gut and work to improve acidity to promote optimal digestion. These bacteria also work to destroy harmful pathogens such as E.coli, and they can protect you from other dangerous foodborne pathogens. 

Most importantly, Bifidobacterium longum infantis help to maintain and support the integrity and strength of your intestinal wall, which is essential in preventing and treating leaky gut.

Produced through fermentation, these supplemental HMOs closely mimic human breast milk and deliver the same essential benefits for gut health and immunity. While infants do not face the risks of leaky gut, millions of adults do as a result of poor diet and excessive stress. 

With HMO supplements, you can protect your gut from increased intestinal permeability and keep harmful pathogens from reaching your bloodstream.


When the tight junctions in your intestine become loose as a result of inflammation, particles other than nutrients can get through to your blood. Inflammation can be caused by stress as well as an imbalanced gut bacterial colony, and this is where probiotics or the support of HMOs come into play. 

The most serious problem associated with leaky gut is its connection to autoimmune disorders. These conditions arise when your immune system attacks otherwise healthy tissues and organs. 

Studies like the one above have shown a link between leaky gut and autoimmune conditions, although it is not always clear which causes which. Despite physicians arguing over the reality of leaky gut, millions of people demonstrate the symptoms, making it a very real health problem.

Particles that can leak through the gut wall are identified as foreign, and your immune system launches an attack. This excess inflammation can damage healthy cells and tissues, contributing to an autoimmune disorder. 

Autoimmune conditions also trigger excessive inflammation, which can damage your gut and gut bacterial community. As this happens, leaky gut syndrome becomes a higher risk.

Probiotics have long been known to help protect against intestinal permeability and leaky gut syndrome. By supporting your natural gut microbiome, probiotics prevent inflammation that would usually tear holes in the gut lining.

Going beyond probiotic support, we can now use clinically-proven HMO supplements that will boost your probiotic community and prevent digestive troubles as well as promote overall health and well-being.

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What Makes CARE4U the Best?

CARE4U is the latest in HMO supplements that are as close to human breast milk as science can get. What this means for adults is that you can get the same gut protection and health-boosting benefits as infants do from their mother’s milk. 

The idea of consuming breast milk may not be appealing, but with this supplement, you can receive all the same benefits that you did as a developing infant. 

The tested and proven supplemental ingredient can promote the growth of the bacteria your gut needs to maintain integrity and health. They serve as decoys to stimulate your immune system and promote optimal gut barrier function. 

In addition, you will notice several other health benefits from CARE4U supplementation:

♦ Reduction in colon motor contraction, which can prevent symptoms associated with Crohn’s disease as well as common digestive issues like diarrhea

♦ Anti-adhesion effect on certain viruses such as influenza A, which will reduce your risk for developing these infections

♦ Improved respiratory and cognitive health as a result of the link between your gut health and other areas in the body

♦ Prevention of infection from serious pathogens such as E. coli by binding to their receptors, and thus preventing them from binding to your cells

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The Bottom Line

Isolating these beneficial compounds from human breast milk or by generating an exact likeness is the next step in beating leaky gut and protecting gut health

Studies continue to discover the benefits of HMO supplements for the adult digestive system, but researchers remain hopeful. With clinically-tested and proven ingredients like CARE4U in a high-quality gut health supplement, you can be assured that your gut community will be thriving and your intestines will be healthy, and so will you.