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Learn how one compact ingredient is twice as powerful for your joint health than glucosamine and chondroitin combined.

When this father discovered his daughter had a rare joint disorder and would spend her childhood in constant discomfort, he could've easily lost all hope... but instead he did something tremendous that led to an amazing breakthrough in joint health.

In this video, discover how this one man was not only able to save his daughter, but revolutionize an industry.


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The power of love is nothing to take lightly, especially that of a father for his daughter. More than two decades ago, Dr. Eugene Moore experienced this first-hand as he desperately sought a way to ease his daughter’s daily suffering. The little girl was born with a rare joint disorder that left her wheelchair-bound by her late 20’s, and she was in constant discomfort.

Years of doctor visits, medications, and physical therapy seemed to do nothing to help. As her distress increased, so did Dr. Moore’s frustration. He began devoting every free moment to researching joint remedies that might ease her discomfort. He crafted concoctions and his daughter tried them, but none seemed to work. This only intensified his commitment, and he began researching late into the night. He scoured everything from recent scientific studies to ancient remedies.

The Search For a New Miracle

On one of these sleepless nights, as he was muddling through dozens of joint studies on his desk, the pile fell onto the floor. He bent down to pick the paperwork up, but something caught his eye. The title of one of the reports read: “Is Collagen The New Miracle Joint Compound?”

Intrigued, he scanned the content and realized that the studies were promising. He immediately began experimenting with how his daughter’s body responded to various forms of collagen. Through some trial and error, Dr. Moore discovered that when he kept the collagen uncooked, or undenatured, it amplified its effectiveness. In fact, this new form of collagen therapy radically and quickly improved his daughter’s mobility and flexibility, and reduced her joint discomfort.1

Bringing This Scientific Ingredient To The Masses 

But Dr. Moore didn’t want to keep his new discovery a secret. He shared his research, and after a little more development, a standardized undenatured collagen was developed. A recent clinical study shows that this now patented form of collagen, called UC-II®, is twice as powerful as glucosamine and chondroitin2.

Health professionals everywhere were astounded by this revolutionary joint health ingredient, including the research and development team at 1MD. In fact, the team was so impressed by UC-II®’s patented version of undenatured type ll collagen that they forged a partnership to ensure this powerhouse ingredient was included in their newest, carefully curated supplement of powerful joint health ingredients.

One of these ingredients is Longvida® Optimized Curcumin. This more bio-absorbable compound was invented and patented in collaboration with neuroscientists from the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at UCLA. It dissolves only in fatty acids, which means it’s perfect for protecting the curcumin from your stomach acid before it dissolves at the point of GI tract absorption.3 It’s timed perfectly to deliver curcumin into the bloodstream and target tissues.4. In fact, it’s been proven 285 times more bioavailable than the standardized 95% extract.5

The final ingredient in 1MD’s formula is called Boswellia Serrata, and it’s as life-changing as Longvida® curcumin and UC-II® collagen. Boswellia is a gum resin extracted from the boswellia tree and has been used for centuries in traditional Ayurveda medicine to support joint health and aid joint discomfort, as well as treat a number of other chronic health conditions.6 This almost sacred resin has also been the center of numerous clinical studies around the world, which have emphatically proven boswellic acid supports joint health, helps manage joint discomfort better than NSAIDs, and dramatically helps to ease osteoarthritis in the knee7.

With that in mind, scientists created the WokVel® Extract, a proprietary formula from Boswellia serrata, using a patented SLP™ Technology. Wokvel® Extract’s healing properties have been clinically-shown to improve the safety and absorption8, offering its users a prolonged and more targeted release of the active ingredient into their system, allowing the body to fully benefit from its therapeutic gifts.

The Birth of The Most Powerful Joint Relief Supplement Ever

With this powerful combination of UC-II® Collagen, Longvida Optimized Curcumin, and WokVel Boswellia, 1MD created one of the most potent supplements on the market. It’s called EasyFlex, and it’s a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind formula that not only utilizes the undenatured collagen inspired by Dr. Moore, but includes the top ingredients clinically proven to boost joint health.

EasyFlex by 1MD is the first, and still the only, joint health supplement of its kind to combine these three powerful ingredients. Users have already noticed improved mobility and less discomfort. For a limited time, 1MD is offering a two-week trial of EasyFlex for free, plus $4.95 shipping. Try it for two weeks, risk-free.

If you’ve been suffering from joint health issues, this is your chance to try something truly revolutionary. Click here to see if you’re eligible for a risk free trial, and start your journey to better mobility.

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