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93% recommend this product

Taking a Multivitamin But Still Nutrient Deficient?

Discover the award-winning solution for long lasting energy, smoother digestion, & a healthy heart

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Discover the award-winning solution for long lasting energy, smoother digestion, & a healthy heart

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93% recommend this product

  • Why most multivitamins are a bust

  • 6 signs you need more nutrients

  • Doctor solution for whole body health

  • How pro-athletes stay energized

95% of Americans Are Nutrient Deficient

We've all been told multivitamins are vital for our health. But most lack proper nutrient delivery & dosages, reducing your body's ability to successfully absorb essential minerals. This is known as the nutrient gap, ridding us of energy, smooth digestion, and a healthy heart.

6 Common Symptoms of Nutrient Deficiency:

💤 Fatigue

Combat persistent fatigue with essential nutrients that help increase energy production at the cellular level.

🍽️ Weight Issues

Address weight management challenges by supporting a healthy metabolism with vital nutrients and probiotics.

💩 Digestive Issues

Improve digestive health and reduce discomfort with a blend of probiotics and prebiotics designed to enhance nutrient absorption and gut health.

🧠 Brain Fog

Clear up brain fog and enhance mental clarity with key vitamins and minerals that support cognitive function.

😩 Feeling Weaker

Strengthen your body's overall resilience and muscle function with a comprehensive mix of vitamins and minerals.

💔 Heart Health Concerns

Promote heart health and circulation with targeted nutrients like beetroot that support cardiovascular function.

Newsweek's 2023 Product of the Year

– Voted by Consumers –

Lasting Energy & Focus

20 key vitamins and minerals help you wake-up each morning with smooth, long-lasting energy and laser-like focus.*

Optimal Heart Health

A potent supply of beetroot can work wonders to promote healthy blood flow throughout your entire body.*

A Strong, Youthful Feeling Body

This superfoods drink supports strong, healthy bones, and plays a pivotal role in building muscle.*

Easier Weight Management

Generous doses of fiber and unique B. coagulans probiotic reduces cravings & promotes a robust metabolism.*

Worry-Free Digestion

The probiotics and prebiotics duo helps you enjoy many of your favorite foods without the worry of digestive discomfort.*

Immune Support

Rhodiola is an ancient herb that supports the immune system, combats stress, and keeps your body in a balanced state.*

What Makes CardioFitMD Special?

Here's what you get in each scoop:

The People Have Spoken

of users experienced improved energy levels & stamina*

of users noticed healthier blood pressure & circulation*

of users had significant imrpovements in digestive function*


CardioFitMD comes with an iron-clad, 100% money-back guarantee. This formula was created to help men and women experience amazing health transformations they never thought were possible — and we’re confident it can do the same for you. So, give it a try for 3 months and if you’re not completely satisfied, we'll refund your entire purchase, no questions asked.

Superfood Drink Loved By The Pros

Dr. Heather Shenkman

Cardiologist, Author, Triathlete,

CardioFitMD Formulator

As a doctor with over 15 years of experience performing life-saving heart procedures. My goal is to optimize my patients' nutrition and I wanted a solution.

So, I decided to step in to formulate CardioFitMD: The ultimate multivitamin full of specialized superfoods to support your heart, brain, digestion, metabolism, immune system and much more.

Dr. Heather Shenkman


How Does CardioFitMD Work?

CardioFitMD packs all your key vitamins and minerals into one serving, along with a potent blend of probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, beetroot, and rhodiola. These rich nutrients are exactly what your body needs to thrive on a daily basis. Just add one scoop to a beverage of your choice, stir, and you’re ready to go.

What does CardioFitMD Taste Like?

Thousands of happy customers love the taste. CardioFitMD comes in a refreshing, berry-lemonade powder. It mixes perfectly into a smoothie – or even a glass of cold water.

When Should I Take CardioFitMD?

You can take this formula in the morning, afternoon, or evening – the choice is all yours. On top of that, it only takes seconds to mix, making CardioFitMD a perfect addition to your daily routine.

Can CardioFitMD Replace My Multivitamin?

Yes, CardioFitMD goes beyond most multivitamins by providing 13 key vitamins, 7 essential minerals, beetroot, and rhodiola. It even contains 29% of your recommended daily serving of fiber along with probiotics and prebiotics for maximum absorption. So, feel free to ditch your old multivitamin.

Why Does CardioFitMD Contain Probiotics?

On top of their amazing digestive support, probiotics help you absorb vitamins and minerals more efficiently. That way, all of CardioFitMD’s 20+ nutrients can work their best to provide head-to-toe health benefits.

Is CardioFitMD third-party tested?

CardioFitMD contains some of the most effective ingredients available. It’s also tested for quality and purity at an independent, 3rd-party facility.

What If It Doesn’t Work For Me? Is There A Guarantee?

Yes, absolutely. Every 1MD Nutrition® formula — including CardioFitMD — comes with an ironclad, 90-day money-back guarantee. In other words, we’ve removed all the risk so you can try it for 3 whole months before making a decision. Although, we doubt you’ll ever want to part ways.

High Standards, Happier Customers

“CardioFitMD encompasses so much for me in one solution… I’m not taking 18 jars of stuff. It’s all in one scoop.”

Daryl M., Florida

“I love that CardioFitMD takes the guesswork out of what I need to give my body.”

Conrad B., Texas

“I literally have energy throughout the entire day with CardioFitMD.”

Cidnee G., California