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“Proper joint health allows you to feel youthful and vibrant — regardless of your age. In other words, it gives you the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest. And as a board-certified rheumatologist, it’s my mission to help you achieve that quickly and easily.

That’s why I stand behind MoveMD®. This revolutionary joint health solution was developed by the top researchers and scientists at 1MD Nutrition® to relieve joint problems from the inside. I recommend this unique and powerful formula to anyone who wants to improve mobility, reduce discomfort, and reclaim the life they deserve.”

Dr. Adam Kreitenberg, MD


Your Joints Will Thank You!

Joint Relief in 5-7 Days — Or Your Money Back

  • 5 safe and effective ingredients
  • Just 1 capsule a day
  • Targets joint problems from the inside
  • Offers REAL results and "peace of mind"
  • Gluten-free, soy-free, preservative-free
  • 1MD Nutrition is proud to support the Arthritis Foundation. For information, visit arthritis.org.

Nourish Your Joints & Get Back to

Doing the Things You Love!



As always, your order is fully backed by our ironclad 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

This means you get 3 months to put MoveMD® to the test.

And if you don't LOVE the way you feel...

with much less joint discomfort, effortless mobility, and an extra "bounce in your step"...

You can simply send back your bottles — empty or full — and we’ll quickly refund your purchase price. No questions asked.

The 1MD Nutrition® Difference is Our Ingredients.

Our mission at 1MD Nutrition® is simple: We harness the secrets of mother nature and cutting-edge science to help people live longer, healthier lives. That’s why every single formula we create contains the highest quality, clinically studied ingredients available—even if it means we have to make smaller batches. After all, when it comes to your health, you deserve the best!

MoveMD's ingredients far exceed those of other brands. Find out why ours are superior:


KollaGen I.V.X. HEM™ Eggshell Membrane

This powerful extract contains 3 different types of collagen to support your bones, cartilage, and joints. The result allows you to enjoy your favorite hobbies with greater flexibility and smoother mobility.

In a clinical trial, people taking this superior collagen complex saw a 70% increase in flexibility after just a couple months!


ApresFlex® Boswellia serrata

This remarkable gum resin from the Indian frankincense tree protects your body from harmful free radicals that attack your joints every day. In fact, countless studies show this “joint defender” is the perfect way to give your joints a healthy shot of TLC.

In one amazing study, ApresFlex® significantly reduced joint discomfort in as few as 5 days.


Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is an incredibly strong antioxidant to fight signs of aging — especially in your joints. This potent compound is sourced directly from microalgae in the remote, pristine waters off the coast of Chile.

Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin is also clinically shown to outperform Glucosamine & Chondroitin.


KollaGen II-xs™ Collagen Type II

Type II collagen forms the building blocks of cartilage. This powerhouse ingredient can significantly decrease stiffness and discomfort, increase mobility in your knees, and improve overall ease of motion.

KollaGen II-xs™ uses a state-of-the-art extraction process to maximize effectiveness. In clinical trials, it led to a near 90% decrease in joint discomfort after just one month.


Hyaluronic Acid

Doctors often refer to hyaluronic acid as the “Lubricant Nutrient.”

This compound is known for its ability to help “de-rust” and “oil” your joints. In other words, it coats your joints in a nourishing oil, so any movement you make feels smooth and worry-free.

Alika Hope
East Hartford, CT

"I absolutely recommend MoveMD if you're looking for a clean product that would help with joint discomfort. I haven't had any challenges or side effects with taking MoveMD."

Paul Kandarian
Marion, MA

"I fractured my knee pretty bad in a car accident about 10 years back. I tried everything over the years. MoveMD is the only thing that's ever given me relief. I'm hooked."

Germaine Gaudet
San Jose, CA

"MoveMD helped me to have more strength in my hands to be able to do the things I love to do. I highly recommend MoveMD for anyone with joint discomfort."

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*Percentages based on a randomized survey of 200 MoveMD customers.

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MoveMD® delivers strong support to the 360 joints in your body. This revolutionary formula works wonders to increase flexibility, boost mobility, and soothe stiff, achy joints. This way, you can quickly get back to doing the things you love.

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