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Here at 1MD Nutrition™, harnessing nature and cutting-edge science to help people live longer, healthier lives is our mission. That’s why we formulate each product using only the highest quality, clinically studied ingredients available—even if it means we have to make smaller batches. We believe that when it comes to your health, you deserve only the best.

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Bergavit® is derived from the heart-healthy bergamot citrus fruit, which has been used traditionally in the Mediterranean region to help promote cardiovascular health. However, Bergavit® takes bergamot’s natural healing properties and cranks them up, making it one of the most powerful, clinically studied natural solutions for high cholesterol on the market today.

The flavonoids of Bergavit® are so potent that they decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol concentrations by up to 67%.


Plus 3 More Natural Cholesterol-Lowering Ingredients:

  1. Garlic Extract - Allicin is an ingredient found in garlic that relaxes the blood vessels and helps your body fight high cholesterol.
  2. Niacinamide - A powerful vitamin B3 that inhibits cells from releasing too much bad cholesterol into your system.
  3. Olive Leaf Extract - This extract helps prevent bad cholesterol buildup in the arteries, increasing blood flow and reducing blood pressure.

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Jenny K., OR

"Down 54 points so far after about a month and a half. i'm now at 200, so still have a ways to go but man this stuff works like a miracle and i feel so much better."

Fran B., TX

"Worked well so far my cholesterol is within normal range after several months of taking the product."

Pam F., CA

"My cholesterol was over 400 and after one month of taking this product the count went down over 60 points. Thank you for this product and I have told others about it."

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CholestMD® is a broad-spectrum formula designed to maintain healthy HDL and LDL cholesterol levels, support proper metabolic function, and boost heart health. This unique combination offers clinical strength niacin and Bergavit®, a powerful, clinically studied ingredient proven to provide complete cardiovascular support.

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