When Her Liver Started Causing Problems, She Was In Big Trouble…

Then She Stumbled Upon One Doctor's Breakthrough in Liver Support

What can people do to stop bloating, detoxify the liver, and speed up metabolism? Michele from Northern Florida says she’s finally found the answer.

Like countless other Americans, Michele found herself in a position of declining liver health, and she needed help, fast.

How Michele Knew She Needed Support For Her Liver

Unfortunately, poor liver health is commonplace among adults in the United States. Symptoms often include a growing waistline, persistent fatigue, and declining health.

Michele dealt with all of these issues, along with uncomfortable, frightening problems with her body that were appearing seemingly out of nowhere...

In fact, just under half of all Americans have high cholesterol, yet many people have no idea. That’s because high cholesterol has no symptoms.3

Our diets are full of unhealthy fats, carbs, and sugar. These foods are processed by the liver, which produces a surplus of LDL or bad cholesterol and then enters the bloodstream.

When too much bad cholesterol enters the bloodstream, it sticks onto arterial walls, causing a buildup. Over time, this can lead to a serious cardiovascular event.

Yet somehow this small southern Italian village has been able to run circles around the U.S. thanks to their local bergamot fruit.

Why Bergamot May Be The Secret Weapon In The Fight Against High Cholesterol

One placebo-controlled study conducted by 15 of Italy’s most renowned researchers produced unheard of results — an incredible one-third drop in total cholesterol after consistently eating bergamot.4

Researchers at the University of Rome saw even better results — over one-third drop in total cholesterol.5

No other natural extract has ever produced results like these.

One of the Most Powerful Cholesterol-Lowering Ingredients on the Market

For people who live outside of Calabria, eating bergamot every day is simply unrealistic.

So a collaboration of researchers from seven universities, including the John Hopkins University School of Medicine, worked to find a way to make bergamot’s cholesterol-fighting power accessible to all. After years of research and work, they created Bergavit®, one of the most effective natural cholesterol management compounds available.

In clinical trials, this highly concentrated form of bergamot was able to help decrease bad cholesterol by over half in a matter of several weeks!6

As soon as the team at 1MD began to dig into the clinical studies on Bergavit, they knew they had to make it the star ingredient in their groundbreaking cholesterol supplement. This highly bioavailable clinically studied ingredient surpassed all expectations.

But 1MD Didn't Stop There...

1MD was on a mission to create the most robust cholesterol supplement on the market today. That's why they made sure to add garlic extract to their formulation.

The next powerful ingredient 1MD added to their formula was garlic extract. Allicin, which is found in garlic, relaxes blood vessels so your body can naturally lower high cholesterol.8

Together these ingredients laid the foundation for CholestMD™, one of the most powerful and thorough cholesterol supplements on the market today.

CholestMD™’s double approach of Bergavit and garlic extract helps slow down the liver’s ability to produce too much bad cholesterol, supporting good heart health.

Cholesterol management also means increasing HDL (good) cholesterol levels, so that HDL can clear out LDL from arteries. CholestMD™ covers this need with additional ingredients that have been shown in clinical studies to help increase HDL levels.

CholestMD™ Is The Only Supplement Of Its Kind

No other supplement on the market contains this same combination of highly potent, clinically studied ingredients. Additionally, CholestMD is non-GMO, preservative-free, and vegan.

It's never too late to make your heart strong and healthy. Now you can finally stop worrying about your cholesterol… and start living life the way you want to.

Plus CholestMD is backed by 1MD’s 100% money-back guarantee. So if you're not completely satisfied with your order, then simply return the bottle within 90 days — even if you're down to the last tablet. No hassles, no questions asked.

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