How Probiotics Work and Why They Are Important To Your Health

Anything that makes up 90% of your body is important. That said, probiotics, or the “good” bacteria that comprise a vast majority of the cells in your body, are essential to your continued overall health.

But how do probiotics work, and why are they so necessary in the first place? Dr. David Kahana, MD, will answer all of this and more:


Without probiotics, we wouldn’t be able to properly digest our food. These beneficial microbes stimulate the production of enzymes that convert food into essential nutrients, synthesize vitamins, and enhance absorption. 

Probiotics play a critical role not only for our digestive health, but also our metabolic and immune functions. They serve as the first line of defense against disease by assisting our immune system with blocking toxins, crowding out harmful bacteria, and breaking down allergy-causing proteins.

In fact, 70-80% of our immune cells reside in our gut. That’s why our microbiome can directly affect our immunity, and ultimately our overall health.

However, poor diets, stress, antibiotics, and simple exposure to everyday toxins can all destroy the delicate balance of good and bad bacteria within our microbiome.

When this happens, we may experience gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, and other digestive problems. These issues will spread throughout our bodies and present themselves as fatigue, acne, faulty immune responses, vitamin deficiencies, and even anxiety.

Unfortunately, a change in diet may not be enough to help supplement your daily probiotic needs. Food processing and refrigeration can kill the delicate microbes before they even have a chance to reach your gut.

That’s why so many people have begun taking probiotic supplements that are specially formulated to deliver the necessary microbes to the places they need to be.

Take a look at what these regular supplement users are saying about their probiotics:

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