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Does This Ancient Greek Discovery Hold The Key To Liver Health?

Researchers Reveal Award-Winning Solution For A Healthier Liver

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Being concerned over liver health isn’t a new phenomenon. Common issues like bloating, fatigue, weight gain, and brain fog have been around for thousands of years. Yet while these problems are on the rise in the United States, centuries ago people had access to a quick, effective, and holistic solution.

The Ancient Greeks were the first to discover breakthrough advances in science and medicine, using nature to understand the world around them. And, as it turns out, their solution for liver health could be one of the most important discoveries they ever made.

This simple yet extremely effective solution helped people all across the Ancient world naturally support their liver health and detoxify their bodies. Incredibly, this powerful, ancient solution had been forgotten for centuries — until now. 

A Brave Man On A Quest To Find A Solution For Liver Health 

a statue of a manThis all started with Dioscorides, one of the most influential of all Greek thinkers. He traveled all over the Ancient World, studying rare plants and herbs and even writing a medical encyclopedia that was used throughout Europe for over 1,500 years!

Yet one of Dioscorides’ discoveries has stood out above all the rest for liver health: a strange herb called milk thistle. Curiously, Dioscorides observed how many local peoples in the Ancient World had been using this plant to help naturally detox their bodies and ensure their livers functioned properly.

How Does Milk Thistle Help The Liver?

The scientific community had overlooked Dioscorides' important work for years, even as liver health has become a rapidly common issue in the United States.


Desperate to find answers, researchers finally began investigating why so many people throughout history had been using milk thistle.

Once these researchers began conducting studies on milk thistle, they almost couldn’t believe the results they found.

It turns out, this incredible herb contains unique biological compounds that work with the liver to assist its natural detoxification.

In fact, milk thistle has been widely thought to support:

Liver cell health

Optimal blood filtration

A healthy metabolism

Body Detoxification

A strong immune system

Milk Thistle Could No Longer Be Ignored...

Yet it took a hard-working team of brilliant researchers to finally create a milk thistle formula unlike any other.

a person wearing a white coatIt all started with Dr. David Kahana, a renowned gastroenterologist who was troubled by the growing amounts of unwanted toxins from our food and air getting into our bodies and causing stress to our livers.

To combat this uniquely modern issue, Dr. Kahana knew he needed to create an ultra-powerful milk thistle formula — even more powerful than what the Greeks had used — that could really make a difference in our liver health.

That’s why he teamed up with 1MD Nutrition™ — a dedicated group of researchers committed to finding holistic, science-based solutions for our health.

Together, they realized that if they wanted to make a truly special liver health solution, they had to start with the incredible holistic power of milk thistle.

And to make this formula truly special, they used Siliphos®, an advanced, highly absorbable milk thistle extract. Unlike other varieties of milk thistle, Siliphos® uses a groundbreaking phytosome technology that enhances bioavailability, making it faster and more effective.


In this way, Siliphos® is the perfect combination of ancient milk thistle properties and advanced modern technology.

And to help people even more, Dr. Kahana and 1MD Nutrition™ carefully selected several other naturally derived ingredients to further promote optimal liver health and give effective metabolic support.

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This included tocotrienols, a “super-charged” form of vitamin E that works with the unique compounds inside milk thistle to help the breakdown of fat molecules and support natural detoxification.

1MD Nutrition™ also selected Alpha-Lipoic Acid, a compound widely thought to support liver health by helping combat normal oxidative stress and maintain healthy liver cells.

Inspired by Dioscorides’ Ancient Greek wisdom, 1MD Nutrition™ combined an advanced, highly bioavailable milk thistle extract with these well-researched, naturally derived ingredients to create a first-of-its-kind, breakthrough new liver health formula: LiverMD®.

A Liver Support Formula Unlike Any Other

LiverMD® was designed specifically to help those looking for quality liver support. Thousands of happy customers have been amazed by LiverMD®’s powerful milk thistle formula, with over half a million bottles sold!

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In fact, LiverMD® has become so widely known for its excellent support, it won Taste For Life Magazine’s 2021 award for “Best Liver Support Supplement.”

The best part? 1MD Nutrition is so confident in this revolutionary liver support formula, it now offers an incredible 90-day, money-back guarantee. This means anyone can order LiverMD® and try out its amazing benefits for 3 months absolutely risk-free!

If you’re looking for a holistic, effective approach to liver health, look no further. LiverMD® stands out above all the rest as a breakthrough milk thistle formula that helps maintain liver health and supports the body’s natural detoxification.

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Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to discover what LiverMD® can do for you. Take control of your liver and metabolic health with the awesome holistic power of advanced, highly bioavailable milk thistle.

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