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5 Key Benefits of Taking Probiotics and Prebiotics

Understanding the Power of Probiotics

The name itself is a perfect description: probiotic comes from the Greek words pro, meaning “promoting,” and biotic, meaning “living organism.” That’s actually essential, because that’s exactly what probiotics do. Probiotics come in a wide variety of strains, and it’s very important to search for products that contain at least 10 powerful variations.

5 Key Benefits of Using Probiotics & Prebiotics

Listed below are some common ways that your digestive microbiome can benefit
from regular and dedicated daily use of natural probiotics paired with prebiotics:

  • Well-maintained intestinal tract to help facilitate digestion*
  • Comfortable tolerance of different foods*
  • Balanced cognitive functioning*
  • Healthy, smooth, flawless skin*
  • Enhanced positive mood*

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Probiotics are bacteria and yeasts that line the digestive tract. They promote the balance of both good and bad bacteria, and help with the repopulation of the former, which can become lost over time. Research suggests that they may aid in digestion as well as other functions.1

Though you’ve hosted probiotics in your body since birth, it’s important to continue ingesting supplements and fermented foods to help maintain them. A typical rule of thumb is to take at least one billion colony-forming units (CFUs) every day, but if possible, try to look for probiotics that contain between 40-50 billion CFUs or more.2

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The Importance of Adding Prebiotics to Probiotics

Probiotics benefit from the help that prebiotics provide. These added nondigestible carbohydrates act as food
for the probiotics and other good bacteria in your stomach. They provide all of the nutrients that help keep probiotics in optimal condition. This is why it’s crucial
to choose a supplement that includes added prebiotics in its ingredients list.

Why You Need a Daily Probiotic Supplement

The magic number for optimal health is maintaining 80% good bacteria and 20% bad bacteria in your digestive system.2 Daily use of probiotics help sustain that ratio so that the health-promoting microorganisms your intestinal tract needs continue to flourish and thrive. 

Some outside sources such as age, illness, and lifestyle changes may affect the ability of probiotics to promote good bacteria. When this happens, there may be less assistance with gut and immune system regulation, which could possibly affect the balance of your digestive microbiome. Yet another reason why we need to continue taking probiotics on a daily basis.

the Truth About Probiotics in Our Food

Unfortunately, most modern foods no longer contain the beneficial probiotics that our ancestors enjoyed. The use of pesticides, antibiotics, and refrigeration all contribute toward the destruction of probiotics before they even have a chance to enter your system.

Another important fact to note is that while certain food products—most notably yogurt—promise to help regulate your digestive system with probiotics, they may not contain the variety of strains or quantity of necessary prebiotics that a supplement might offer.

A lack of healthy probiotics may create certain effects that spread outside the digestive microbiome. Your gut hosts approximately 80% of the immune cells in your body, which suggests that the quality of the bacteria in your stomach may be connected to the overall quality of your immune system responses.This directly impacts your whole body health.

high-quality probiotic supplement with multiple strains is absolutely essential to maintaining the recommended daily CFUs your body needs. The sooner you can include a natural probiotic supplement in your daily diet, the easier it will be to maintain optimal health.

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Dr. David Kahana, MD

Dr. David Kahana MD is board-certified in Pediatrics and Gastroenterology through the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP), as well as Medical Nutrition through the National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists.
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