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The Official EasyFlex Review

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The name has changed, but the fast-acting joint formula has not. EasyFlex is now MoveMD®. You get the same clinically-studied ingredients for comprehensive joint support, so you wake up each morning and hit the ground running.

The Official EasyFlex Review

With one-in-five adults suffering with joint discomfort, it is fair to say that our joints are not in the best shape. With the EasyFlex joint health supplement in your life, you can reduce common joint discomfort.

The clinically studied ingredients contained in EasyFlex are designed to promote joint mobility and flexibility. The broad-spectrum formula of EasyFlex is designed to start strong and help maintain longer-term joint health.

Comprehensive joint support is achieved through the combined actions of powerful antioxidants, advanced collagens, and hyaluronic acid. 

In addition to these ingredients, EasyFlex is also 100% Non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free, and preservative-free. The benefits of EasyFlex spread beyond joint care. As each aspect of joint health is supported, it helps improve the benefits of other systemic functions. 

EasyFlex is the ideal supplement for anyone suffering with joint discomfort and various forms of wear created by oxidative stress.


The clinically studied ingredients in EasyFlex give the supplement its unique healing properties. The combination of Longvida Optimized Curcumin, WokVel Boswellia Serrata, and UC-II brans collagen deliver a host of benefits for your joints and overall health.

Longvida Optimized Curcumin has been shown in studies to ease recovery for joints and muscles after exercise. A major contributor to arthritis and joint pain is inflammation, specifically an out of control inflammatory response.

Curcumin has long been used to treat inflammation because of its ability to inhibit the actions or inflammatory cytokines.

The curcumin used in EasyFlex has additional strength when it comes to providing joint relief, thanks to the patented technology that allows it to be more bioavailable than traditional curcumin.

Solid Lipid Curcumin Particle Technology creates a more bioavailable compound that makes the free curcumin in EasyFlex much easier to absorb and, therefore, more efficient in bringing relief.

The advanced delivery system was developed by neuroscientists and delivers curcumin directly to the bloodstream through enhanced permeability, solubility, and stability. This allows immediate antioxidant relief to target tissues for a full twenty-four hours rather than circulating through the body only to be flushed out as waste.

The advantages of Longvida Curcumin over the standard variety were demonstrated in a double-blind clinical study with amazing results. Not only was reduced inflammation reported, but there were 285 times higher levels of this free curcumin as compared to standard curcuminoids.

There was also an improvement in vascular health as well as memory and attention. Moods were elevated among subjects and stress was reduced.

Boswellia serrata is another compound that has long been used in traditional medicines for the treatment of inflammation. The WokVel extract used in EasyFlex has been clinically proven to support joint health as well as relieve painful conditions.

Compared to over-the-counter alternatives, WokVel’s boswellia extract remains in your system up to four times longer, reliving you of the harmful effects of inflammation with greater efficiency.

This advanced extract prevents joint damage by interrupting the deterioration of cartilage by inflammation. By preventing extracellular matrix degradation, the structure of cells and tissues are protected.

In addition to this, WokVel’s extract reduces the production of pro-inflammatory markers, which significantly interrupts the development of arthritis.

As compared to over-the-counter NSAIDs, the EasyFlex boswellia serrata extract brought significant improvement to patients in terms of stiffness, aches and pains, and mobility.

Like the Longvida Curcumin, this extract is highly bioavailable, allowing it to reach target areas faster. The quicker they can reach the key enzymes responsible for joint function, the more effective relief will be.

The final key ingredient in EasyFlex is the UC-II undenatured type II collagen. Your joints cannot function properly without collagen, but when it comes to supplements, not all collagen is created equally.

EasyFlex provides clinically proven and very effective UC-II undenatured collagen, which performs 100% better than glucosamine and chondroitin.

There are currently no known side effects to any of these key ingredients, but it is always advised that you consult your physician before taking any supplement. Consultation is highly recommended for anyone who is pregnant, nursing, or currently taking any medications.

These ingredients may be natural, but it is important to make sure their effects do not interfere with anything else in your system.

The EasyFlex supplement should also be taken on an empty stomach, unless you have sensitivities, then it can be consumed with a small meal. EasyFlex is free of gluten, soy, sugar, dairy, and preservatives, so it is safe for most individuals.


Curcumin is the key ingredient in the spice turmeric, which is popular in cooking. Used for centuries for its medicinal purposes, curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound.

Inflammation is a natural immune system response, but poor diet, lack of exercise, and autoimmune diseases can cause the response to get out of control. Chronic inflammation is dangerous and damages cells and tissues, including your joints.

Longvida Optimized Curcumin has been specially formulated to deliver anti-inflammatory benefits quicker, thus preventing this damage from occurring. By reducing the spread of inflammation, your joints are protected from degradation.

Cartilage is the main component of your joints, allowing for smooth movement and flexibility, and this is what inflammation strikes first. With EasyFlex supplements this is avoided, and pain relief is delivered right away.

Inflammation affects more than just your joints, every cell and tissue in your body can be damaged with excessive exposure to inflammatory markers. Inflammation has been linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline.

You may be taking EasyFlex for your joint health, but you end up protecting your brain too. Not only can you ward off the cognitive decline associated with disease and aging, but you will benefit from enhanced mood and improved cognitive function.

The Longvida Curcumin extract in EasyFlex also scavenges free radicals that cause oxidative damage, which contributes to several serious diseases, including heart disease and cancer. The chemical structure of this extract stabilizes the free radicals, preventing it from damaging any tissues, be it your joints or brain matter or protecting you from cancer.

Like curcumin, boswellia serrata, also called frankincense, has been used for centuries as a natural treatment option. The specialized production of the WokVel extract is ideal for combating inflammation alongside its anti-inflammatory partner, curcumin.

By directly targeting inflammatory markers and inhibiting their actions, boswellia serrata helps with joint pain as well as other inflammatory conditions such as IBS and asthma.

There is a strong link between obesity, diabetes and inflammation. Diabetes overworks your pancreas; you end up with not enough insulin production and high blood sugar levels.

Inflammation is also a byproduct of this. Excess weight adds strain to your joints, and if already inflamed, the cartilage and bones become even more susceptible to serious damage.

The link between obesity, diabetes and joint inflammation can be controlled through the regular intake of EasyFlex, by means of the boswellia extract. Regular supplementation helps to control blood lipids as well as blood sugar levels, which support pancreatic function and control inflammation associated with diabetes.

When combined with a healthy diet and weight loss program, both diabetes and inflammation can be controlled so as to protect your joints from pain.

Chronic inflammation targets and damages cells and tissues, causing more than pain. Continual exposure increases your risk for mutation among cells, which can lead to the development of a cancerous tumor.

Boswellia serrata extract, as part of the EasyFlex formula, provides a stronghold against inflammation and also several important actions to protect you from cancer.

Various studies have found that boswellia extract prevents the spread of certain types of cancer. The extract has been shown to induce cancer cell death and slow aggressive cancer tumor growth in patients with breast cancer.

In addition to this, prostate cancer cells have been inhibited, malignant brain tumor cells have been prevented from growing and spreading, and pancreatic cell metastasis has been halted.

With collagen being the most abundant protein in your body, it is obvious why the collagen compounds in EasyFlex will benefit your body and health. Unlike our ancestors, we don’t directly consume this from animals, but supplements like EasyFlex provide all that we need.

Undenatured type-II collagen is the best available because it has not been processed by any heat of chemicals.

Just like its curcumin and boswellia extract partners, the UC-II collagen in EasyFlex support joint health by controlling inflammation. It also provides direct support to your joints by replacing what is lost over time.

The aging process is associated with the natural decline of collagen, which leaves joints weakened and susceptible to inflammation and damage. EasyFlex ingredients keep inflammation at bay and allow your natural collagen stores to rebuild.

Undenatured collagen contains active immune modulators that you cannot find in hydrolyzed versions, and these are the key compounds reducing the secretion of enzymes that target and breakdown your collagen stores.

By enforcing joint strength through the addition of collagen, inflammation caused by aging, poor diet, obesity, or autoimmune disorders is less likely to cause damage or pain to joints.

Outside of joint health, undenatured collagen, such as that found in EasyFlex, supports your overall health. Collagen contains important amino acids that provide structural support to the lining of your gut, thereby promoting healthy digestion.

This supplement can increase production of fat-dissolving enzymes as well as gastric acid, both of which decrease with age. Restoring digestive support systems will ensure your body continues to absorb the nutrients it needs and protects you from digestive-related diseases, such as leaky gut syndrome.

Each ingredient provides a host of health benefits that support your overall health, proving that EasyFlex is for more than just joint health.

♦ EasyFlex contributes to your overall well-being through its support of your immune system.

♦ Collagen produces powerful antioxidants that help your liver detoxify your body and also stimulates immune cells.

♦ Boswellia extract helps to control the inflammatory responses released by your immune system to prevent inflammatory damage throughout your body and curcumin possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that support your immunity.

The combination of Longvida Optimized Curcumin, WokVel Boswellia Serrata, and UC-II brand collagen supports joint health and brings efficient pain relief from arthritis and other inflammatory-related conditions.

The specific combination of these clinically tested and proven ingredients allows EasyFlex to be absorbed and delivered to target tissues more efficiently. Regularly taking this supplement will help prevent joint pain, boost overall joint health, and, behind the scenes, will protect you from heart complications, cognitive decline, and even cancer.

Who Is It Good For?

The name itself suggests that anyone suffering with joint discomfort may benefit from EasyFlex, and this is correct.

Whether you are a long-time athlete or just getting on in years, a comprehensive joint formula can help reduce common joint discomfort so you can enjoy your day without the worry of creaky joints.

Aging naturally leads to everyday wear and occasional oxidative stress. On top of that, individuals with strenuous physical activity may also experience common joint discomfort.

Anyone with joint pain caused by age, genetics, or physical activity will benefit from EasyFlex supplements. The clinically proven ingredients deliver pain relief directly to the target areas of inflammation through increased bioavailability.

There is a particular advantage for elderly individuals because, along with support joint health and relieving pain, EasyFlex also protects your brain from cognitive decline and your body from oxidative damage.

Patients with bone diseases or joint disorders can also benefit from a daily dose of EasyFlex. These cases may be rare, but often over-the-counter medications do not offer enough relief.

EasyFlex can bring not only fast and long-lasting relief for these individuals, but the natural ingredients support bone and joint health, enhancing overall joint strength.

NSAIDs and other medications often come with negative side effects, and prolonged ingestion can lead to the development of stomach ulcers, liver damage, heart disease, and possibly cancer.

Individuals with compromised immunity also stand to benefit from EasyFlex supplementation. Because of the ability of the ingredients in this supplement, immune system support is boosted.

Value of EasyFlex

The most important thing to remember about EasyFlex is that if you are not satisfied with the results, you don’t have to pay anything. Purchasing the supplement in bulk is the most advantageous, with a total savings of $24.70. You also get free shipping with larger purchases.

Your first three-month subscription comes with a risk-free guarantee to help soothe the skepticism of anyone.

The combined benefits of Longvida Optimized Curcumin, WokVel Boswellia Serrata, and UC-II brans collagen make EasyFlex a superior supplement for joint health. When you also get increased energy levels, a boost in mood, cardiovascular support, and overall protection from inflammation, this supplement is more that simple joint relief.

The price may be higher than alternatives, but when you consider the substantial health benefits you get in return, EasyFlex is a true value. One bottle gives you two months of joint relief, and you save more with larger purchases.

Even if you buy in bulk, but end up unhappy with your purchase, everything will be refunded in-full, quickly.

If you are not satisfied, you can return all three bottles empty and get a full refund with no questions asked. The benefits of EasyFlex more than compensate for the slightly higher price and the value exceeds the cheaper, over-the-counter alternatives.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, so there is no real risk, only a host of health benefits to be gained.

Customer Reviews

  • “After using Easy Flex, it's just changed my life completely, because I'm able to get back to doing the things I used to loved doing.” - Toni
  • “I lucked upon this product called EasyFlex and it's given me more confidence, more strength and endurance.” - Roger
  • “My life dramatically changed. It is a 120% improvement. EasyFlex changed my life completely.” - Barbara


EasyFlex offers tremendous value for your money. With a risk-free guarantee, you only stand to gain. The key ingredients of Longvida Optimized Curcumin, WokVel Boswellia Serrata, and UC-II brand collagen all work together to support joint health and overall well-being.

Each ingredient possesses powerful properties that benefit more than joint health, and you can soon benefit from improved cognitive health, enhanced immunity, and protection against the decline associated with old age and disease.

Clinical studies have shown the superior quality and effectiveness of the ingredients in EasyFlex. Providing better joint health and protection from inflammatory pain, EasyFlex supplements fare better than the over-the-counter options.

You may pay a little more, but considering you get more than just improved joint health, the value speaks for itself.

The natural ingredients come with no known side effects and have been proven to deliver the results you need more efficiently than the alternatives. This perfect and potent combination will take care of you no matter what your age or physical condition.

Better cognitive and physical health as well as protection from serious disease makes EasyFlex the top choice for joint care and overall well-being.