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Top 5 Feng Shui Tips for Your Health

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Feng shui for your health starts in the home. Most people want to come home to a relaxing and calming atmosphere but for many, just walking into their homes can incite stress and anxiety.

Given that your home is supposed to be your refuge and safe place, the last thing you need is for it to cause you unnecessary tension. This is where feng shui comes in; the right environment can do wonders for your health.

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical practice that harmonizes everyone with their surrounding environment. Positive feng shui is not possible without the incorporation of the five elements; earth, fire, metal, water and wood.  

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Earth: This element is important for longevity and stability and can be incorporated into your home with yellows and browns as well as ceramics, stones and natural landscapes.

Fire: Represented by red, pink and orange colors, fire benefits your energy and intelligence.Use triangular shapes, candles or even pictures of fire or the sun.

Metal: Metals emit energy associated with children and health and are represented by while, silver and gold colors. Choose items made from metal, including coins and use rounded or domed shapes.

Water: Water represents harmony and opportunity. You do not have to have actual water flowing through your home; you can add pictures of water. Blue and black colors signify the presence of water as does any wavy or curvy shaped items.

Wood: The element of wood is an important one and signifies growth. As a fundamental principle to feng shui health, you want to include green and brown colors, wooden furniture, plants or even pictures of trees or tree-shaped items.

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Whether you are just looking to improve your overall health or have been battling some illness, feng shui can give your mind and body the sanctuary you need. When correctly applied feng shui tips for your health, you can develop the perfect foundation at home for lasting health.

It is important to apply the basics first, so you are in a better position to fully realize the benefits of deeper feng shui health practices.  

1. Remember the elements

The elements associated with health are wood and earth. When you include these in your home you are on the way to improved health  Elements are represented by colors, shapes and materials. Wood, for example will be represented by anything green and tree-shaped as well as things made of wood such as plants, cotton and wood floors.

It is important to remember not to go overboard as you want to include all the elements equally. You can however, accentuate the wood element to focus on health and bring out vibrancy and new growth.

Adding plants is the best way to incorporate the wood element into your home. However, it is important to include the right plants. Rounded plants are soothing and you want to keep spiky plants out of the bedroom. Cacti are great for your computer desk because they are said to reduce EMF emissions. Large, leafy plants are perfect for filling bare corners and are known to revive chi, life force.

2. Be centered and grounded

The center of the home should be the most important area and should represent health. The center of your home unifies everything and the same is true for your health. Poor health generally means that other aspects of your life tend to fall apart. The center of your home will be the easiest place to locate and is where you need to focus the energies to promote good health. This area should be cleared of clutter and negative objects.  

You want to add the earth element to the center area and is represented by yellow and brown colors as well as things from the earth. A stone or clay vase with yellow flowers as a focal point in the center of your home is a perfect way to achieve this. Incorporating the earth element increases stability in your life making you feel more connected and balanced. In turn, stress is alleviated and your health improves.

3. Increase your personal chi

Chi flows through living things and can flow through your house just as it does in nature. Take up yoga as a way to improve the flow of chi through your body and to release blocks. Even when you are lying still in a savasana pose, you can still feel the powerful chi energy flowing through you. With chi flowing through you and your house, improved health will be on the horizon.

4. Be airy and bright

Good air quality is a top principle when it comes to feng shui health. You want to make sure you open windows often to let air circulate and aerate your living space. Use air-purifying plants, essential oils and purifiers to ensure air quality is high Breathing clean air regularly is the foundation of feng shui for your health and well-being.  

You also want to make sure your house gets as much light as possible. Be aware of smart and intelligent indoor lighting when natural lighting is not available. Light is an important nutrient to your health and well-being so focusing on the quality of light throughout your living space will be beneficial. Remember that color is also light, so choose smart, feng shui colors to incorporate in your rooms.

5.  Be clutter free

If your focus is to bring anything good and healthy into your life, you have to first remove the junk. Most people forget to clear out their space and choose to go with the trendier feng shui instant cures. You need to be realistic because no amount of good energy can flow when blocked by the bad vibes coming from all the clutter.

The papers on your counter-tops, the junk in the hallways and other clutter is releasing depressive energy which will continue to drain you until it is removed. Clear your house of all the clutter before you bring in any new feng shui colors or vibes to ensure that your new energy will have the space it needs to flow.

The Bottom Line

Once you have applied the basics of feng shui, you can then begin to incorporate all the elements into your home. If you do not have access to lush green plants or a water feature, then you can use feng shui art in its place.

The energy that flows from a picture of a beautiful, serene lake will be as beneficial as a fountain in your living room. Be mindful of what you see each day as you wake as well as what you see through your day.  

What you see sets the feng shui stage and allows energy to flow through you and around you. For your health and well-being, make sure that energy is positive.

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